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Pinning Down PinterestBucharest Mashable Meetup(s)

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2. ContentOrigineCe e Pinterest?o Elemente Pining ContinutBusiness modelStats, Facts & DemographicsCum este folosit Indivizi Top useri Ce poti face pe Pinterest Branduri Top Brands Best PracticesAltele Monitorizare Protectie impotriva Pinterest Altele din altele 3. Pinterest?-pe scurt- Jenie Holland 4. Cum a inceputtotulo Evan Sharp,Pinterest Designer siCo-Founder o A lucrat inainte la Facebooko Au inceput indecembire 2009o Au dat drumul inmartie 2010 5. Ce este Pinterest O platforma pe care userii isi pot crea pinboard-uri virtuale cu lucruri gasite online sau uploadate, grupate in functie de interese/pasiuni." Organize and sharethings you love. " E ca un bookmarking site asumat (tot ce faci este vizibil) si axat pe partea vizuala. Mai este: o retea sociala, o platforma de colaborare, un CV bulider, un gift finder, o sursa de inspiratie, etc."connect everyone in theworld through thethings they findinteresting. " 6. ElementeInscriere Invite based only Highly connected with Facebook and Twitter (adica nu te poti inscrie daca nu ai un cont pe unadintre aceste platforme)Profil Boards (individual sau collaborative) Pins/Re-pins Likes Follow (un user sau un board) NewsfeedPlatforma Pinners you follow Everything (categorii) Videos Popular Gifts 7. Profil Boards (individual sau collaborative) | Pins/Re-pins |Likes |Follow (un user sau un board) |Newsfeed 8. s-a modificat in timpPlatformaPinners you follow | Everything(categorii) | Videos | Popular | Gifts 9. Pinning Pin, repin or upload your content Site content vs. Member content 10. Pinning Site content = Pins Materialul este adus pe site de pe alte site-uri. Nimeni nu are drepturi comerciale asupra lui. Member content = Upload a pin Materialul este urcat de useri Acestia renunta la orice drept de proprietate in favoarea platformei. 11. Business modelRight now, we are focused on growing Pinterest and making it more valuable. To fund these efforts, we have taken outside investment from entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. In the past, weve tested a few different approaches to making money such as affiliate links. We might also try adding advertisements, but we havent done this yet.Even though making money isnt our top priority right now, it is a long term goal. After all,we want Pinterest to be here to stay!Pinterest.comOther conspiracy theories on my board About Pinterest! 12. Stats, Facts &DemographicsPrimul website care aajuns la 10 mil deutilizatori zilnici intr-untimp atat de creste.Stats 13. Pinterest drivesmore referraltraffic thanGoogle Plus,LinkedIn andYouTubecombinedFacts 14. According tocomScore, theaverage Pinterestuser spend 88.3minutes per monthon the site,compared to 2.5hours on Tumblr,and 7 hours onFacebook. 2011Facts - continuare 15. Demographics: US vs UK age and education 16. Cum este folositIndivizi Ce poti face pe Pinterest Top UseriBranduri Ce poti face pe Pinterest Exemple 17. Auras isi doreste sa calatoreasca nice placesYes, there is nosuch a thing as privacy! 18. Nu am gasit-o pe Oana, in schimb am gasit o alta Oana pe care ocunosteam. Ce nu stiam insa este ca e pasionata de gatit! 19. Bogdan e fan Internet & Social media. noi am spune INFOGRAFICE 20. Pandutzu vine cu un board mai muzical 21. Andreea zice ca e de test, noi le spunem QUOTES 22. Insa Andra s-a prins ca there is more to it si m-ainviat la un collective enthusiasmOricine poate face uncollaborative board. Odata membru, poti adauga siscoate useri. Nu exista unadmin al board-ului 23. Iar altii au luat-o ceva mai in serios si si-au facut un CV 24. sau uhm well.. unii au gasit diferite intrebuintari 25. TOP USERS Top followed Jane Wang 2 450 830 - general Christine Martinez 986 300 cute things Ben Silbermann 883 755 - home deco, DIY!0|10Must follow @mashable Focus: Photography/Art Focus: Gifts/Gadgets Focus: Color InspirationList: 26. Jane WangEste mama unuiadintre co-founders! 27. Mark ZuckerbergFacebook + Pinterest = LOVE 28. Facebook + Pinterest = LOVEOamenii se inregistreaza pe Pe Facebook, poza frumoasa Pinterest cu contul lor de pe PinterestDau Pin/Repin/ Like/Follow la ceva. genereaza discutii si Totul pe Pinterest este vizibil.poate trimite oameniiBy default, apare postat peinapoi pe Pinterestpagina lor de Facebook Pe Pinterest gasescdin nou continut Theres some love with si il share-uiesctwitter, but not as much. pe FacebookReally now, on Facebook you can have your ownPinterest timeline! 29. Brand USAGESell your productsHold a contestGet personalInspire your customersOffer exclusive discountsRaise awarenessGet the customer involvedInvite customers to your eventsFollow other brands+ alte 56 de posibilitati: 30. Inspire your customers/ Get them involved WHOLE FOODS MARKET 31. Get PersonalBetter Homes and Gardens 32. Behind the scenesTODAY 33. Sell 34. Raise AwarenessMOEW adopt a cat 35. AlteleMonitorizare impotrivaPinterest Special codes Report form Take away:Ce e aiurea Search function Pinurile se repeta Not really a socialplatform (mesaje) Board-urile suntpublice, theres noway around it! 36. Multumesc! 37. ResurseMY PINBOARD ON 38. Romina StanConnecting dots online me!