Man, the receiver

Aiming high



Transcript of Man, the receiver

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Aiming high

Page 2: Man, the receiver

Now searching the skies

Page 3: Man, the receiver

Gods own sky is not left unscrothced.

Page 4: Man, the receiver

 Bio Mass on Mother Earth – an Estimate Million Tones


Human beings 6 million people 300 0.40%Animals  Cattle 520 0.69%

Sheep, Goat etc 75 0.10%Hogs 100 0.13%

Chickens, Ducks and geese etc 10 0.01%Pets 5 0.01%

Large Wild Animals ( Lions, eagles, whales, elephants etc 10 0.01%

Small Wild animals - rats, mice, frogs, toads, worms etc. 15 0.02%Insects, bacteria etc 15 0.02%

Fish etc 1000 1.33%Plants   0.00%Crops 2000 2.66%

Otrher Land Plants 8000 10.66%Trees 39000 51.97%

Seawood and aquatic Plants 24000 31.98%Total 75050 100.00%

Page 5: Man, the receiver

Human being has always been ( and will be ) a receiver.

Page 6: Man, the receiver

A great UnEqualizer – threatening the equilibrium.

Page 7: Man, the receiver

Always seeking ..always at the receiving end – a parasite.

Page 8: Man, the receiver

What the mankind is doing to pass on the legacy - what he received to the future generations?

Page 9: Man, the receiver

What negative impact this relation has created on the Mother Earth?

Page 10: Man, the receiver

How and How much ?

Will it affect the future quality of life?

Page 11: Man, the receiver

Guess, think,

express and create

Impact.All are


Page 12: Man, the receiver

The way we struggle to live today, we will surely live for more years, but what will be quality of life?

Page 13: Man, the receiver

The way we have documented our struggles

for better life, how many future generations will thank

us for what we have done and what we are doing?

Page 14: Man, the receiver

What can be a desired equilibrium? Guess , guess and share

Page 15: Man, the receiver

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