REALITATEA EVREIASC‚ JEWISH EVREIASC‚ - Nr. 296-297 ... review he made a resume ......

REALITATEA EVREIASC‚ JEWISH   EVREIASC‚ - Nr. 296-297 ... review he made a resume ... vice-president of the “Strumaâ€‌ Museum from Beer-Sheva,
download REALITATEA EVREIASC‚ JEWISH   EVREIASC‚ - Nr. 296-297 ... review he made a resume ... vice-president of the “Strumaâ€‌ Museum from Beer-Sheva,

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Transcript of REALITATEA EVREIASC‚ JEWISH EVREIASC‚ - Nr. 296-297 ... review he made a resume ......

  • REALITATEA EVREIASC - Nr. 296-297 (1096-1097) -6 mai - 5 iunie 2008 23

    J E W I S H R E A L I T Y

    Preul unui abonament pe un an este de 30 lei. Abonamentele pentru cititorii din provincie se vor face la comunitile evreieti din localitatea respectiv. Pentru cei din Bucureti la sediul F.C.E.R. din str. Sfnta Vineri nr. 9-11, cod potal 030202. Abonamentele se mai pot achita i prin mandate potale fi e pe adresa F.C.E.R. la ofi ciile potale din localitate, conform catalogului de pres poz. 3030 pe cont B.C.R. RO51RNCB0074011952750001 fi liala sector 3, Bucureti. Pentru EUROPA, un abonament pe un an cost45 de Euro (cu toate taxele incluse). Plata se face n avans, prin transferbancar sau cec, n cont RODIPET S.A. BANCPOST, Agenia Floreasca,Calea Floreasca nr. 167 Bis, sector 1, Bucureti, Romnia. Cod IBAN: RO41BPOS70503223389EUR01. Pentru EXTRA EUROPA, un abonamentpe un an cost 95 de dolari USA (cu toate taxele incluse). Cod IBAN: RO85BPOS70503223389USD01. Cod SWIFT: BPSTROBU. Cod BIC: BPOSROBU

    REALITATEA EVREIASC|www.romanianjewish.orgE-mail:


    Fondat n 1956 de ef-Rabin dr. Moses Rosen


    Director de onoare: HAIM RIEMERRedactor-ef:

    DOREL DORIANSecretar general de redacie:






    Traductori:Ebraic: SARIT BLONDER,Ing. B. TERCATIN (Israel)


    REDACIA: Bucureti, str. Popa Nan, nr. 70Tel. / fax: 322.75.60

    ADMINISTRAIA:str. Popa Nan, nr. 70Telefon: 314.96.90



    Evaluations, Comparisons, Collaboration Projects

    The Bar Mizva in Dej of the nephew of Jerry Spitzer, the donor for the renovation works of the JCC in the capital, the inauguration of the Community Center (JCC) in Oradea, the visit to the native places of Dr. Alexandru Safran z.l. made by his children, all these became for Dr. Aurel Vainer, president of F.J.C.R., departure points in an itinerary through c o m m u n i t i e s f r o m Transylvania and Moldova: Alba Iulia, Deva, Sibiu, Beius, Huedin, Medias, Tarnaveni, Bacau, Iassy, Harlau. He had a very busy agenda, to which a recent visit of the delegation of F.J.C.R. led by the Federation president from Moldova Republic was added. In an interview to our review he made a resume of this journey: a better knowledge on the realities

    of the community life in the country, a benefi cial exchange between the guests and the hosts, the common declaration for collaboration between F.J.C.R. and the Association of the Jewish Organizations and Communities from the Moldova Republic.

    JCC at the Beginning of the Summer Season

    The 102 Session of the JCA

    The Community Center from Bucharest continues the series of inciting programs for the members of the Jewish communities from the country. The Bereshit program reached its 3rd edition and the summer camps will soon begin. The camps are addressed to the children, adolescents, young people and families. The Educational and Recreational Center from Cristian will be the host of all these programs that will take place all over the summer season.

    1500 delegates and many guests from all over the world participated to the 102 session of the JCA that took place in Washington, dedicated to the 60

    years of existence of the State of Israel. Eng. Paul Schwartz, vice-president represented F.J.C.R. and in the interview to our review present, the main topics of the

    debates. We publish also excerpts from the speeches of Francois Fillon, Prime Minister of France and Condoleezza Rice, State Secretary of U.S.A.

    In the last period of time Timisoara was the host of several remarkable events in the Jewish community. The Limud program, the first of this kind in the country, gathered more than 120 participants from 11 cities from Bucharest and the Western part of the country. The visit of the violinist Gabriel Banat, born

    as Hirsh, a remarkable personality in the American and European musical world, became a rare and precious moment. The once declared wonder-child of the violin in Timisoara who left the city 62 years ago, returned for the fi rst time at the invitation of the Philharmonic Society from the city.

    The visit in Romania of the family of the regretted spiritual leader of the Romanian Jewry during 1940-1947, Dr. Alexandru Safran, represented the occasion for a series of homage events in Bucharest and in the country: the inauguration of the F.J.C.R. Library in Bucharest, of the Jews Museum in Bacau that bear his name; the General School nr. 15 from Bacau, and the Judaism Center of the University Alexandru Ioan Cuza from Iassy also bear his name. The monograph dedicated to Dr. Safran, recently published by Hasefer, A Life of Fighting, A Light , by the well known historian Carol Iancu, who teaches at the Montpellier University, was released in Bucharest, Iassy and Bacau. In all the locations the events enjoyed a prestigious participation: authorities and religious cults representatives, cultural personalities near the local community members and leaders.

    On May 11th-12th, 2008 the 5th Convention of Bnei Brith Europe where the participants were representatives of the lodges from the 29 countries, as well as the president and the vice-president of Bnei Brith International, took place. In the meeting the activity report was presented and elections of the new leadership were organized, the new elected president being Graham Weinberg. Eng. Jose Iacobescu, president of Bnei Brith Romania was elected as member of the executive committee. The participants discussed also the modalities of fi ght against anti-Semitism.

    In this edition, a presentation in mirror of Benjamin Fundoianu and Paul Celan, two destinies caught in the dark turmoil of the history, intermingled in the Holocaust tragedy, but each one with his night/ each one with his death Both born in Romania, in Iassy one, in Cernauti, the other, lived in France, in different historical periods, both became imposing fi gures in the European literature of the 20th century.

    The Jewish Community from Timisoara- the Power of the Present

    Great Jewish Poets of the 20th Century



    Eeva Elisheva and Adalbert Huber-HuberThey will continue to live in our hearts

    Eng. Baruch Tercatin octogenarian Ad Meah VeEsrim!

    The news of the tragic death of Eeva Elisheva and Adalbert Huber-Huber, the soul mates from Austria of the Jews from Romania, brought sorrow in the hearts of all those who knew them. The tragic accident put an end to the life of two personalities who felt close to Judaism, in such a measure that Eeva, who came from a protestant family from Finnland, converted to Judaism and received her name Elisheva. Year

    after year they were busy with fund and aid raising for the Jews from Eastern Europe, they founded in Vienna the organization Aid and Hope. Through their activity they contributed to the promotion in the Western countries of the information on the Jewish culture from Romania, and as meaningful proof for this stand their wonderful fi lm dedicated to the synagogues and the Jewish life in our country.

    Born on May 1st, 1928, Eng. Baruch Tercatin, one of the important cultural animators of the Romanian culture in Israel, honorifi c director of the Israeli Romanian language review Jurnalul saptamanii, a permanent collaborator of our review, the author of the weekly commentaries from the Luah edited by the Jewish Reality, became an octogenarian. He was born in Iassy, graduated the Politechnic

    from Bucharest, settled in Israel from 1950, and he is a honorary citizen of Tel Aviv, member in the Executive Committee of the Association of the Romanian Language Writers from Israel, vice-president of the Struma Museum from Beer-Sheva, author of several volumes published by Hasefer Publishing House. In this edition we publish a portrait of the octogenarian.

    Homage to the Memory

    of Chief Rabbi Dr. Alexandru


    A New Leadership and New

    PerspectivesCongratulations for your excelent results!Best wishes!

    The fi rst home of Jerusalem lodge of Bnai Brith, founded in 1888. Jerusalem, Hebrew University