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LUCRARI PREZENTATE LA CONFERINTA NATIONALA DE FIZICA (CNF) 2008 10 – 13 septembrie 2008, Bucuresti 1

Transcript of LUCRARI PREZENTATE LA CONFERINTA … · Web viewS 4 An Overview on the Electrical Characterization...



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1. S 1 The Institute of Space Science. Present and Future IP-4 Dumitru Haseganu ISS, Bucharest2. S 1 ATLAS Tile Hadronic Calorimeter: recent results on

performances.O-1 Sanda Dita IFIN-HH

3. S 1 Search for charged heavy leptons in ATLAS O-2 Calin Alexa IFIN-HH4. S 1 Primary energy spectrum of cosmic rays from the

S(500) observable detected with KASCADE-GrandeO-3 G.Toma et al IFIN-HH

5. S 1 Distance measurements in cosmology: implication for cosmological parameters

O-4 L.A.Popa, A.Caramete, D.Tonoiu, P.Stefanescu, O.Broscaru


6. S 1 Testing the constancy of physical constants with cosmological measurements

O-5 Petruta Ştefănescu, Lucia Popa, Ana Vasile, Oana Broscaru


7. S 1 Discontinuities in interplanetary space. Recent results O-6 C.Munteanu, T.Coman, S.J.Talaşman

Al.I.Cuza University, Dept. of Physics, Iasi

8. S 1 Front-end electronics (FEE) for nuclear detectors based on the first ASIC developed by DFH-NIPNE

O-7 V.Catanescu, D. Bartos, G.Caragheorgheopol


9. S 1 Search for Excited Quarks in ep Collisions at HERA O-8 Gabriel Stoicea IFIN HH

10. S 1 A general search for new phenomena in ep scattering at HERA

O-9 Marina Rotaru IFIN HH

11. S 1 ALICE TRD Status of Chamber Construction and Testing at Department of Hadronic Physics from NIPNE

O-10 Mariana Petris IFIN-HH, Hadronic Physics Department

12. S 1 R&D Activities for Detector Development for High Counting Rate Environments

O-11 Mariana Petris IFIN-HH, Hadronic Physics Department

13. S 1 Axion emission from neutron stars O-12 Bogdan Pastrav, Sabin Stoica

IFIN-HH, University of Bucharest

14. S 1 A Search for Excited Quarks at H1 for the channel q*->qW

sO-1 Monica Dobre1 IFIN-HH


15. S 1 Top-Antitop reconstruction without b-tagging sO-2 Constantin Mihai Cuciuc, Calin Alexa

National Institute of Physics and Nuclear Engineering

16. S 1 A search for excited quarks at HERA in the channel sO-3 C.Mihai1 1IFIN-HH

17. S 1 Jets from young stars: radiative MHD simulations sO-4 Ovidiu Teşileanu1,2, Andrea Mignone1, Silvano Massaglia1

1 Università degli Studi di Torino, Dip. Fisica Generale, via P. Giuria 2 Univ. Bucharest, Res. Centre for Atomic Physics and Astrophysics

18. S 1 S-process in intrinsic and extrinsic AGB stars: theory versus observations

sO-5 Laura Husti1,2, Roberto Gallino1, Sara Bisterzo1

1. Università degli Studi di Torino, Dip. Fisica Generale, 2. Univ of Bucharest, Research Centre for Atomic Physics and Astrophysics

19. S 1 Renormalization of Rephasing Invariants of Fermion Mixing Matrices

sO-6H. Spiesberger(a), R. Zus(b)

(a) Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz, Germany (b) Univ. Bucharest, Fac. of Physics

20. S 1 Extragalactic ultra high energy cosmic rays: source sample and predicted sky distribution of events

sO-7 Laurentiu-Ioan Caramete, P.L.Biermann, A. Curutiu, Ioana Dusan, Oana Taşcau

ISS, Max-Planck Inst.for Radioastronomz, Bonn, Germany, FZ Karlsruhe, Dept of Phys. and Astronomy, University of Alabama

21. S 1 Multivariate Statistical Methods in Particle Physics and Applications

sO-8 Bogdan Popovici IFIN-HH

22. S 1 Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay 48Ca Shell Model Calculations

sO-9 Andrei Neacsu, Sabin Stoica IFIN-HH

23. S 1 Investigation of ground level muon intensities for solar-terrestrial studies with WILLI

sO-10 Alexandra Saftoiu IFIN-HH

24. S 1 Nuclearite searches with very large volume neutrino telescopes

P-1 Gabriela Emilia Păvălaş Institute for Space Sciences, Magurele

25. S 1 Preshower Detector for Pionium Lifetime Determination

P-3 M. Pentia, C. Ciocarlan, S. Constantinescu, D.E. Dumitriu, M. Gugiu, Gh. Caragheorgheopol




1. S 2 Hemispheroidal atomic clusters on planar surfaces O-1 D. N. Poenaru, R. A. Gherghescu, I. H. Plonski, A. V. Solov'yov, W. Greiner

IFIN-HHFrankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies (FIAS), J. W. Goethe University, Germany

2. S 2 Preliminary Results for Inner-Shell Ionization in Ion-Atom Collisions at MeV/U Energies

O-2 M.M. Gugiu, C. Ciortea, A. Enulescu, I. Piticu, I.V. Popescu, D.E. Dumitriu, D. Fluerasu, A.C. Scafes, M.C. Pentia, C. Ciocarlan, M.D. Pena


3. S 2 Triglycin sulfate unit. A complete vibrational analysis

O-3 C.A. Simion, V. Tripadus IFIN-HH Magurele

4. S 2 Dual emitters for displays based on OLED compounds

O-4 S. Polosan, T.Tsuboi INCDFM, Bucuresti-MagureleFacultatea de Inginerie, Univ. Kyoto Sangyo, Japonia

5. S 2 Evidence for delocalized spin projection in the Suzuki phase nanostructures of NaCl:Mn2+ by high-field EPR spectroscopy

O-5 F. F. Popescu1 L. A. Pardi2, C. A. Massa2, S. Nistor3, M. Stefan3, A. Darabont4, C. Neamtu4 and V. Bercu1

1University of Bucharest, Faculty of Physics, Magurele; 2Istituto per processi chimico-fisici CNR, Via Moruzzi 1, Pisa, Italia; 3National Institute for Materials Physics, Magurele-Bucharest; 4National Institute for Isotopic and Molecular Technologies, Cluj-Napoca

6. S 2 Diamond detectors for heavy, highly charged ions: a feasibility study

P-1 E. Berdermann1, A. Braeuning-Demian1, D. Dumitriu2, D. Flueraşu2, M. Träger1

1GSI, Darmstadt, Germany, 2IFIN- HH, Bucureşti

7. S 2 Determination of surface tension of some drug solutions

P-2 T. Beica, I.Zgura, L.Frunza, I.Andrei, M.Dicu, M.L.Pascu


8. S 2 Molecular modelling of Hydrogen - Carbon Nanotube System

P-3 Gergely Kosa, Mircea Bercu, Voicu Grecu

Faculty of Physics Bucharest University, Magurele

9. S 2 Identifying the anomaly of the rotational non-ergodicity parameter in glass formers by High-Field Electron Paramagnetic Resonance

P-4 V.Bercu1, M.Martinelli2, CA. Massa2, L.Pardi2, E. Rossler3, D. Leporini4,5

1University of Bucharest, Faculty of Physics, Magurele; 2IPCF-CNR, Pisa, Italy; 3Lehrstuhl Experimentalphysik II, Universitat Bayreuth Universitatsstraße


Bayreuth, Germany4Dipartimento di Fisica "Enrico Fermi", Universita di Pisa, Pisa, Italy5SOFT-INFM-CNR, Largo B.Pisa, Italy

10. Absorption and luminescence properties of C70 aggregates in solvent mixtures

P-5 M.Husanu, I.Baltog, M.Baibarac, N.Preda, L.Mihut, T.Velula, C.Bucur



1. S 3 Spin distribution in low-energy nuclear level schemes IP-6 D. Bucurescu, T. von Egidy IFIN-HH,Technnische Univ. Munchen

2. S 3 Universality of Mallmann correlations for nuclear band structures

O-1 N.V. Zamfir, D. Bucurescu, G. Căta-Danil, M. Ivaşcu, N. Mărginean


3. S 3 Astrophysical S factor for alpha-capture on 117Sn O-2 I.Cata-Danil, D.Filipescu, M.Ivascu, D.Bucurescu, N.V.Zamfir, T.Glodariu, L.Stroe, G.Cata-Danil, D.G.Ghita, C.Mihai, G.Suliman, T.Sava

Horia Hulubei National Institute for Physics and Nuclear Engineering,Physics Department, Univ. Politehnica Bucuresti

4. S 3 Study of the Ba nuclei through two nucleon transfer reactions

O-3 S. Pascu1, C. Muller2, Gh.. Cata-Danil1,2

1Horia-Hulubei IFIN2Physics Department, University Politehnica of Bucharest

5. S 3 On a new method for the investigation of the quark-gluon plasma instabilities

O-4 Al.Jipa, Vania Covlea, C.Besliu, I.Lazanu, M.Calin, D.Argintaru, T.Esanu, A.Scurtu, S.Velica, C.Bordeianu, B.Iliescu, C.Badea, A.Jinaru, I.Grossu

Facultatea de Fizica, BucurestiUniv. Maritima Constanta, Liceul Tech, Campulung Moldovenesc, Suceava

7. S 3 On the dynamics of the nuclear fragmentation in proton-nucleus collisions at 8 GeV and 12 GeV

O-5 C. Besliu, Al.Jipa, E.Stan, M.Cherciu, D.Felea, B.Iliescu, A.Danu, E.Tiberiu, C. Bordeianu

Facultatea de Fizica, Bucuresti, ISS, Liceul de tehnologie, Suceava


8. S 3 Muon production in pion collisions with atmospheric nuclei and a striking world of the cosmic rays

O-6 T. Angelescu, I.Bacioiu Facultatea de Fizica, Univ. BucurestiInst. de Stiinte Spatiale

9. S 3 Study of collective phenomena in heavy ion central collisions at ALICE

O-7 C. Andrei, I.Berceanu, A. Herghelegiu, M. Petrovici, A. Pop, C. Schiaua


10. S 3 Collective phenomena in mid-central heavy ion collisions

O-8 A. Herghelegiu, C. Andrei, I. Berceanu, M. Petrovici, A. Pop, C. Schiaua


11. S 3 Colinear three center shell model O-9 R.A.Gherghescu, D.N.Poenaru, I.H.Plonski


12. S 3 Landau-Zener effect generalized for superfluid systems

O-10 M. Mirea IFIN-HH

13 S 3 Level Density at the Limit of Nuclear Stability O-11 Alexandru Calboreanu IFIN-HH14. S 3 Pulse shape analysis for segmented germanium

detectorsO-12 A. Olariu1, F. Le Blanc3, P.

Désesquelles2, T.M.H. Ha2, K. Hauschild2, A. Korichi2, A. Lopez-Martens2, C.M. Petrache3

1IFIN-HH, Magurele, Romania2CSNSM, IN2P3, Orsay, France3IPNO, IN2P3, Orsay, France

15. S 3 Glauber analysis of He+AT nuclear collisions at 4.5 GeV

O-13 Danut Argintaru, C.Besliu, A.Jipa, T.Esanu, A.Caranica

Universitatea Maritima Constanta, Univ. Bucuresti

16. S 3 Boron neutron capture therapy setup for a linear accelerator

O-14 C.F. Chiojdeanu, C. Pavel, F. Constantin


17. S 3 Elemental mapping of moon soil and meteorite fragments

O-15 Angela Vasilescu1, B. Constantinescu1, Roxana Bugoi 1, D. Ceccato2

1IFIN-HH; 2Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare, Laboratori Nazionali di Legnaro, Padova, Italy

18. S 3 Archaeometrical measurements using X-ray fluorescence

O-16 Catălina Pauna1, Bogdan Constantinescu1, Anca Diana Popescu2, A. Vîlcu2

1IFIN-HH2 Institute of Archaeology "Vasile Pârvan" - Bucharest, România

19. S 3 Compositional studies of Transylvania gold for archaeological objects provenance determination

O-17 B. Constantinescu, Daniela Stan, Roxana Bugoi, V.Cojocaru, E.Oberlaender-Tarnoveanu, M.Radtke

IFIN-HHBundesanstalt fuer Materialforschung und pruefung, Berlin

20. S 3 Some consideration on XRF use in museum O-18 B. Constantinescu, Roxana IFIN-HH


measurements – the case of medieval silver coins Bugoi, E.Oberlaender-Tarnoveanu

Muzeul National de Istorie, Romania

21. S 3 Ion-Beam Spectroscopic Studies of 69As Nucleus P-1 T. Badica1, I. V. Popescu1,2, V. Cojocaru1, A. Olariu1, M. Petre1

1 National Institute for Physics and Nuclear Engineering “Horia Hulubei”2 Valahia University of Targoviste, Research Institute for Science and Technologies

22. S 3 Transfer of detector efficiency calibration from a point source geometry to other geometries using ETNA software

P-2 Daniela Radu, Doru Stanga, Octavian Sima

IFIN-HH, Universitatea din Bucuresti, Dept. Fizica Atomica si Moleculara

23. S 3 Theoretical Approach to Alpha-Decay Properties of the Superheavy Nuclides

P-3 I. Silisteanu1 , I. B. Ciobanu2, D. Ionescu3

1IFIN-HH2”Gh. Asachi” Technical University, Iasi3Electronics and Telecomm. Faculty, Iasi

24. S 3 Proton Threshold States in Ne-Na and Mg-Al Nuclear Stellar Cycles

P-4 H. Comisel1, C. Hategan1, G. Graw2, H.H. Wolter2

(1) Institute of Atomic Physics(2) Department fur Physik, Universitat Munchen, Germany

25. S 3 Neutron Cross Sections for Minor Actinides P-5 Mihaela Sin1, O.Sima1, R.Capote2

1Nucl Phys Dept, Univ. of Bucharest2Nuclear Data Section, IAEA Vienna

26. S 3 Nuclear Data for the Production of Therapeutic Radionuclides Evaluated with EMPIRE code

P-6 Mihaela Sin1, Roberto Capote2

1Nucl Phys Dept, Univ. of Bucharest2Nucl Data Section, IAEA Vienna


1. S 4 An Overview on the Electrical Characterization of Ferroelectric Thin Films and Multilayers

IP-5 Lucian Pintilie National Institute of Materials Physics

2. S 4 Modelling of trapping processes in silicon-based nanostructures

O-1 ML Ciurea, V.Iancu, M.R.Mitroi, G.Iordache, I.Stavarache, AM. Lepadatu, E.Rusnac

INCDFMUniv. Politehnica Bucuresti

3. S 4 Multifrequency EPR of the Mn2+ doped mesoporous ZnS

O-2 M. Stefan, S.V.Nistor, C.D.Mateescu, E.Goovaerts

INCDFM, [email protected]. of Antwerpen-CDF, Belgia


4. S 4 Self-assembled monolayers of phenothiazine derivatives on atomically flat Au(111)

O-3 I. Turcu, C.Morari, R.Turdean, N.Tosa, S.Neamtu, L.Olenic, M.Hossu, M.Tomoaia-Cotisel, I.Grosu

ITIM-ClujUniversitatea Babes-Bolyai

5. S 4 Ab initio simulation of STM images of the phenothiazine-derivatives adsorbed on (111) gold

O-4 Cristian Morari, Diana Bogdan, I.Turcu


6. S 4 ZnO nanoparticles obtained by hydrothermal method at low temperature

O-5 V. Ciupina*a, A. Dumbrava a, I. Morjanb, G. Prodan a, M. Prodan a, F.Dumitracheb, E. Vasilec

a Ovidius University of Constanta, bNational Institute for Laser, Plasma and Radiation Physics, cS.C.Metav Research-Development S.A., Bucharest

7. S 4 Quantum calculations on models for high-temperature molecular magnets: the M[TCNE]x series

O-6 Fănică Cimpoeşu,a Marilena Ferbinţeanu,b Bogdan Frecuş,c Corneliu I. Opreac, Mihai A. Gîrţuc

aInstitute of Physical Chemistry, Splaiul Independentei 202, Bucharest bUniversity of Bucharest, Faculty of Chemistry; cDepartment of Physics, Ovidius University of Constanţa

8 S 4 Dye-sensitized solar cells with nanocrystalline TiO2

and anthochyanine pigmentsO-7 Adrian Georgescu,a George

Damache,a Camelia Oprea,a

Mihai A. Gîrţua

C. Badea,B Irina Enache,B

Anca Dumbravăb

aDepartment of Physics, Ovidius University of Constanţa, Constanţa bDepartment of Chemistry, Ovidius University of Constanţa

9. S 4 Preparation and properties of cobalt doped ZnO nanowires

O-8 Elena Matei1, I. Enculescu1, M. Sima1, R. Neumann2, Simon Granville2, Jean-Philippe Ansermet2

1National Institute for Materials Physics2GSI Darmstadt, Germany3EPFL Lausanne, Switzerland

10. S 4 Structure of high-k hafnium oxide thin films obtained by sol-gel method

O-9 V.S.Teodorescu1, A.V.Maraloiu1,M.Zaharescu2, A.Barău2, M.Gartner2

M-G.Blanchin3, B.Canut3

1National Institute of Material Physics2Institute of Physical Chemistry "I.G.Murgulescu" - Roumanian Academy; 3Universite de Lyon , F-69000, France ; Univ.Lyon 1 ; Laboratoire PMCN, CNRS UNR 5586 ; 69622 Villeurbane Cedex, France

11. S 4 Corrections between some anomalies of the photoemission, optical and phonon spectra of high-Tc cuprates

O-10 S. Cojocaru, R.Citro, M.Marinaro

IFIN-HH; Univ. degli Studi di Salerno, Italia; Istituto Internazionale per gli Alti Studi Scientifici, Vietri sul Mare

12. S 4 On the chemical bonding in solids O-11 Voicu Dolocan, Andrei Fac de Fizica, Univ. Bucuresti,


Dolocan, Voicu Octavian Dolocan

Brookhaven National Lab, USA, CEA Saclay, France

13. S 4 Molecular dynamics in sodium alginate using elastic neutron scattering

O-12 V.Tripadus, D.Aranghel, O. Constantinescu, M.Statescu, R.Erhan, J.M.Zanotti, S.Mitra

IFIN-HHLaboratoire Leon Brillouin, Saclay

14. S 4 A2B6 nanowire arrays for photovoltaic applications O-13 Stefan Antohe1, Ionut Enculescu2, Lucian Ion1

1University of Bucharest, Faculty of Physics, 2 National Institute for Materials Physics

15. S 4 Optical phonon spectrum and Fröhlich Hamiltonian in quasi-onedimensional structures made of uniaxial semiconductors of würtzite type.

O-14 D.E.N. Brancus, L. Ion University of Bucharest, Faculty of Physics, Magurele

16. S 4 Deriving simplified dynamic localization conditions for lattice electrons under AC electric and magnetic fields

O-15 E. Papp, C. Micu Univ. Vest din TimisoaraUniversitatea Nord Baia Mare

17. S 4 The influence of the Rashba spin-orbit interaction on the Harper model

O-16 Ovidiu Borchin, Erhardt Papp

Univ. Vest din Timisoara, Dept.Fizica Teoretica

18. S 4 The refractive indices in ADP single-crystals grown by a classical method

P-1 Daniela Dolha Universitate Vest din Timisoara, Fac.Fizica, [email protected]

19. S 4 Spin polarization and half-metallic ferromagnetism in CrO2

P-2 H. Allmaier, L.Chioncel, E.Arrigoni, F.Beiuseanu, T.Jurcut, M.I.Katsnelson, A.Lichtenstein

Inst. Theor.Phys, Graz Univ. of Technology, Austria, Dept. Phys, Univ. Oradea; Inst for Molecules and Materials, Radboud Univ. of Nijmegen, Holland; Inst. of Theor Phys, Univ. of Hamburg

20. S 4 Erbium environment in Er-doped silica glass P-3 D. Macovei, C.M.Teodorescu, G.A.Lungu, M.L. Ciurea


21. S 4 Optical properties of rare earth doped oxy-fluoride glasses

P-4 C.E.Secu, M.Secu INCDFM

22. S 4 ZnO nanoneedle arrays obtained by zinc anodizing P-5 M. Sima, E.Vasile, Mariana Sima, T.Visan

INCDFMUniv Politehnica, Buc

23. S 4 Optimizing conditions suited for stress determinations in Q-space focusing configurations

P-6 I. Ionita Inst de Cercetari Nucleare, Pitesti

24. S 4 Ferroelectric multilayers P-7 L.Pintilie, V.Stancu, C.Dragoi, L.Trupina, M.Vlaicu


25. S 4 The comparative structural study of vitreous matrices P-8 C. Andronache Universitatea de Nord, Baia Mare


from P2O5.Li2O (M1) and P2O5.CaO (M2) systems by IR and Raman spectroscopies

26. S 4 Electrical properties of some heterojunctions based on organic thin films

P-9 M.Socol, O.Rasoga, F.Stanculescu, A.Stanculescu

INCDFMFacultatea de Fizica, Univ. Bucuresti

27. S 4 Quantum oscillations and the electronic transport properties in multichain nanorings

P-10 D. Racolta Univ. Nord Baia Mare, Dept. Fizica

28. S 4 Segregation coefficient of Er3+ and Yb+ ions in CaF2 crystals

P-11 O.M.Bunoiu, M.Stef, A. Pruna, G.Buse, I. Nicoara

Univ. Vest din Timisoara

29. S 4 Magnetically modulated microwave absorption (MAMMA) investigation of high energy electron irradiated YBa2Cu3O7-: BaZrO3 system

P-12 M. Velter-Stefanescu, I.Ivan INCDFM

30. S 4 The study of the silicon oxides thickness on crystalline Si by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy

P-13 C. Cotarlan, C.Logofatu, A.C.Galca, C.S.Petrone


31. S 4 Influence of the tunnel barrier and SAF layer on the TMR response in MT Js

P-14 M.Urse, H.Chiriac, N.Lupu, M.Grigoras

IFT, Iasi

32. S 4 Synthesis and magnetic properties of Co and Co-Fe nanoparticles

P-15 H. Chiriac, A.E.Moga, C.Gherasim

IFT, Iasi

33. S 4 Spectroscopic properties of LiF (NaF) codoped CaF2:YbF3 crystals

P-16 Andreea Pruna, M.Stef, G.Buse, I.Nicoara

Univ Vest Timisoara

34. S 4 Martensitic transformation in Fe70Pd30 obtained by melt spinning

P-17 M. Sofronie, M.Valeanu National Institute for Materials Physics

35. S 4 Complex characterization of layered materials P-18 L. Frunza1, S. Frunza1, P. Ganea1, T. Beica1, N. Gheorghe1, F. Neatu2, V. I. Parvulescu2, A. Schonhals3

1National Institute of Materials Physics, 2Faculty of Chemistry, University of Bucharest, 3Federal Inst of Mate Res and Testing, Berlin

36. S 4 Intermolecular interaction in small phenothiazine clusters

P-19 A.Bende, D. Bogdan, C.Morari, I.Turcu


37. S 4 Vibrational and photoluminescence properties of polyaniline functionalized PbI2 and their applications as charge collector

P-20 I. Baltog, M.Baibarac, L.Mihut, N.Preda, T.Velula, C.Bucur, M.Husanu


38. S 4 Electrical conductance of small grain PbS layers P-21 A. Goldenblum, M.Buda, V.Stancu, I.Pintilie, L.Pintilie


39. S 4 The local structure and interaction between Mn2+ and Mn3+ ions in borate glasses

P-22 I. Ardelean, Monica Flora Universitatea “Babes-Bolyai”, Fac. Fizica, Cluj-NapocaUniversitatea din Oradea, FF


40. S 4 Thermal treatment influence on Co/MgF2 and Permalloy/MgF2 tunneling magnetoresistive films

P-23 I. Mustata1, C. P. Lungu1, A. M. Lungu1, C.C.Surdu-Bob1, P.Chiru1, A. Anghel1, O. Pompilian1, C. Porosnicu1, I. Jepu1, D. Rasleanu2, V. Ionescu2 , V. Ciupina2

1National Institute for Laser, Plasma and Radiation Physics, Magurele, Jud. Ilfov2Ovidius University, Bvd. Mamaia, No.124,900527, Constanta, Romania

41. S 4 Silver Containing Carbon Amorphous Nanocomposite FilmsDeposited by Thermionic Vacuum Arc Technique

P-24 Viorel Ionescu1, Cristian P. Lungu2, Osiac Mariana2,3, Victor Ciupina1

1Ovidius University, Constanţa2INFLPR; 3Faculty of Physics, University of Craiova

42. S 4 Structural properties of MnBi compounds         

P-25 Maria-Simona Gutoiu, Eugen Dorolti, Viorel Pop

Babes-Bolyai University, Faculty of Physics, Cluj-Napoca

43. S 4 Study of Low Temperature Syntesis for Apatitic Tricalcium Phosphate Nanoparticles Doped with Europium

P-26 D.M. Lilea, C. Varlam, I. Vagner

National Institute for Cryogenics and Isotope Technologies, – I.C.S.I. Rm. Valcea

44. S 4 The intercalation of PbI2 with 2,2'-bipyridine evidenced by photoluminescence, FT-IR and Raman spectroscopy

P-27 N. Preda, L. Mihut, M. Baibarac, I. Baltog, M. Husanu, C. Bucur, T. Velula


45. S 4 Spectroscopic properties of PbF2 doped CaF2 crystals

P-28 Irina Nicoara, M.Stef, Andreea Pruna, G. Buse

Univ. Vest Timisoara


1. S 5 Tests on active and passive optical fiber components O-1 Dan Sporea, Adelina Sporea INFLPR 2. S 5 Best measurement capabilities of power calibration

for optical communication systemsO-2 Dan Sporea, Laura Paduraru INFLPR

3. S 5 Light transmission through relativistic moving boundaries

O-3 Alexandru Lupascu Univ. Politehnica Bucuresti

4. S 5 Extension of a conoscopic experimental arrangement O-4 Anca Maria Beldiceanu SC PRO Optica SA5. S 5 Reflectance of BSO crystal in the ionic plasma

frequency rangeO-5 Ana Ioanid, Ioan Dafinei Universitatea Bucuresti, Fac. Fiz

Universita Sapinza di Roma6. S 5 Spectral gain and noise analysis of Er3+ doped

Ti:LiNbO3 straight waveguide amplifiersO-6 N.N.Puscas Univ. Politehnica Bucuresti

7. S 5 Coupling of luminescent diodes to optical fibers through vitreous chalcogenide microlenses

O-7 A. Velea1, M. Rusu2 1National Institute of Materials Physics; 2National Institute for


Optoelectronics, INOE-2000

8. S 5 Rapid identification of marble types by synchronous fluorescence spectroscopy

O-8 G.Pavelescu1, E.Pfeiffer1, R.Savastru1, C.Ricman2

1National Institute of R&D for Optoelectronics; 2Geological Institute of Romania, Bucharest

9. S 5 Photonic crystal with Cayley tree as photonic atoms P-1 Liliana Preda, E.Scarlat, M.Mihailescu, A.Preda

Univ. Politehnica Bucuresti

10. S 5 The optical transmission of an one-dimensional photonic crystal

P-2 Andreea Petcu, Liliana Preda

Politehnica Bucuresti

11. S 5 Ghost Imaging via SPDC-Quantum Mirrors P-3 Dumitru B. Ion, Lucian Rusu


12. S 5 Spectroscopic analysis on the carbon nanostructured thin films deposited by Thermionic Vacuum Arc (TVA) method

P-4 R. Vladoiu1, V. Ciupina1, A. Mandes1, C. Surdu-Bob2, S. Saied3, J. Sullivan3, G. Musa1

1 Dept. of Physics, Ovidius University, Constanta; 2National Institute for Laser, Plasma and Radiation Physics 3Dept. of Electr.&Electron. Eng.& Appl. Phys., Aston Univ., Birmingham, UK

13. S 5 Numerical analysis of the microparticles motion stored in a linear electrodynamic trap in standard temperature and pressure conditions

P-5 O. Stoican, B. Mihalcea, L. Dincă, G. Visan


14. S 5 Current two beams piecewise undulator P-6 V.I.R.Niculescu1, Liana Sandru2, Minola R. Leonovici3, S.Miclos4, V.Babin4, A.Voinescu5

1. formally at NILPRP, Bucharest2. Physics Department, Petrol Gas University (UPG), Ploiesti, 3. Faculty of Physics, Bucharest University 4. Research and Development National Institute for Optoelectronics, Bucharest, 5. Computer Department, Polytehnic University

15. S 5 Raman spectroscopy in characterisation of nanostructured carbon films prepared by thermionic vacuum arc

P-7 I.D. Feraru1, 2, C.N.Mic1, 2, Cristina Carmen Surdu-Bob3, C. P. Lungu3, I. Gruia2, D. Savastru1, C.E.A. Grigorescu1

1National Institute R&D Optoelectronics INOE 2000, Magurele 2 Faculty of Physics, University of Bucarest, Magurele; 3 Nat Inst R&D Plasma, Laser and Radiation Physics, Magurele

16. S 5 The control of the chaotic dynamics of the external cavity – semiconductor laser system emission

P-8 M. Bulinski1, Catalin M. Ticos2, I.R. Andrei2, M.L. Pascu2

1Univ. of Bucharest, Fac. of Physics, Bucharest; 2National Inst for Lasers, Plasma and Radiation Physics, Bucharest-Măgurele

17. S 5 Some aspects of digital holographic recording and reconstruction

P-9 M. Bulinski*1, I.R. Andrei2, G. Moagar-Poladin3, C.

1University of Bucharest, Faculty of Physics; 2The National Institute for


Mardare4 Lasers, Plasma and Radiation Physics, Bucharest-Măgurele; 3National Institute for Research and Development in Microtechnologies–IMT Bucharest; 4Nitech - Romania

18. Numerical modeling of the thermal lens of grazing-incidence diode-pumped Nd:YVO4 laser

P-10 Ştefan A. Amarande National Institute for Lasers, Plasma and Radiation Physics, Bucharest


1. On Plasma Diagnostic Methods and Techniques IP-3 G. Popa Department of Physics, “Al.I.Cuza” University, 700506, Iasi, Romania

2. S 6 Plasma cleaning of organic residuals from narrow channels

IP-13 C. Stancu1, E. R. Ionita1, A. C. Galca2 , C. Grisolia3, G. Dinescu1

1National Institute for Laser, Plasma and Radiation Physics, Low Temperature Plasma Physics Department, Magurele; 2National Institute of Materials Physics, Magurele-Bucharest, 3CEA Cadarache, France

3. S 6 Transparent and Conducting Oxide Thin Films by Pulsed Electron Beam Deposition

O-1 M. Nistor1,3, N.B.Mandache1, F.Gherendi1, J. Perrière2

1 National Institute for Lasers, Plasma and Radiation Physics,Plasma Physics and Nuclear Fusion Laboratory; 2 INSP, Université Pierre et Marie Curie - Paris 6, Paris

4. S 6 Dust acoustic waves in a local equilibrium approximation for a dusty plasma with dust charge variation

O-2 D. Grecu,1 A. T. Grecu1 1Department of Theoretical Physics, IFIN-HH

5. S 6 Test-kinetic modelling of non-gyrotropic velocity distribution functions experimentally observed in the terrestrial magnetosphere

O-3 Gabriel Voitcu1, Marius M. Echim1,2

1Institute for Space Sciences, Magurele, Romania2Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy, Bruxelles, Belgium

6. S 6 Growth process of carbon nanowalls by RF-PECVD O-4 S. Vizireanu1, S. D. Stoica, B.Mitu1, L. Nistor2, M.A. Husanu2, G. Dinescu1

1National Institute for Laser, Plasma and Radiation Physics, Magurele, 2Nat. Institute for Material Physics

7. S 6 Noise induced change in the dynamics of anodic double layers

P-1 Cristina Stan, CP Cristescu, S.Chiriac, D.G. Dimitriu

Univ Politehnica BucurestiUniv. Al I. Cuza Iasi

8. S 6 Temporal evolution of pulsed atmospheric pressure P-2 G.Borcia, I.Rusu, C.Borcia, Univ. Al.I.Cuza, Iasi


DBD in asymmetric configuration N.Dumitrascu9. S 6 Investigations of layers deposited by magnetron

sputtering onto textile materials and onto reference plates

P-3 T. Beica1, L. C. Nistor1, L. Frunza1, C. Morosanu1, I. Zgura1, G. Stan1, D. Marcov1, A. Dorogan2, E. Carpus2

1National Institute of Materials Physics,

2Research-Development NationalInstitute for Textile and Leather

10. S 6 Influence of the operational parameters on the M-effect in different types of mixtures

P-4 R. Vladoiu, M.Contulov, V.Dinca, V.Ciupina, G.Musa

Univ. Ovidius Constanta, Dept. of Plasma Physics

11. S 6 Diagnostic of Plasma Produced in Ni-Cr Vapors P-5 O. G. Pompilian*, C. P. Lungu, A. M. Lungu, C. Porosnicu, M. Osiac

National Institute of Physics for Laser, Plasma and Radiation Physics, Magurele

12. S 6 Investigation of cells interaction with atmospheric pressure plasma treated substrates

P-6 E.C. Stancu1, M.D. Ionita1, V. Satulu1, L. M. Stefan2, L. Moldovan2, G. Dinescu1

1National Institute for Laser, Plasma and Radiation Physics, Magurele2National Institute of Research and Development for Biological Sciences, Bucharest

13. S 6 Plasma treatment of levigated materials and saturated waters

P-7 C.P.Lungu1, A.M.Lungu1, N.Georgescu1, M.Magureanu1, I.Mustata1, T.Velea2, D.Stanciu2, V.Predica2

1National Institute for Laser, Plasma and Radiation Physics2R&D National Institute for Nonferous and Rare Metals, Pantelimon, Jud. Ilfov



1. S 7 A Strong Coupling Diagrammatic Theory for Anderson Impurity Model

IP-1 V.A.Moskalenko, P.Entel, L.A.Dohotaru, R.Citro

1. Institute of Applied Physics; 2. Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna; 3. University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany; 4. Technical University, Chisinau; 5. Dipartimento di Fisica ,Univ degli Studi di Salerno, Italia

2. S 7 Finite unified theories and the prediction of the Higgs IP-2 George Zoupanos Univ. Technica, Athens, Greece


mass3. S 7 Collective Elementary Excitations of Two-

Dimensional Electron-Hole System in a Strong Perpendicular Magnetic Field in Two Different Ground States

IP-7 S.A.Moskalenko1, M.A.Liberman2, E.V.Dumanov1, A.G.Stefan1


1. Institute of Applied Physics of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova, 2. Departmant of Physics, Uppsala University

4. S 7 A link between the cylindrical nonlinear Schrődinger equation and the cylindrical Korteweg-de Vries equation

IP-8 Renato Fedele , Sergio De Nicola , Dan Grecu,Padma Kant Shukla Anca Visinescu

Dipartimento di Scienze Fisiche, Università Federico II and INFN Sezione di Napoli; Instituto di Cibernetica del C.N.R. “Eduardo Caianiello”; ; IFIN-HH, Institut für Theoretische Physik IV, Fakultät für Physik und Astronomie, Ruhr-Universität Bochum

5. S 7 Determination of Vub from exclusive semileptonic B decays

O-1 Irinel Caprini IFIN-HH

6. S 7 String cosmological model in the presence of a magnetic flux

O-2 Bijan Saha, Mihai Visinescu JINR Dubna, Lab. Inf. TechnologiesIFIN-HH

7. S 7 Renormalization in Quantum Gauge Theory O-3 Viorel Chiritoiu1, Gheorghe Zet2

1 Depart of Physics, Universitatea „Politehnica” Timisoara2 “Gh. Asachi” Technical University, Depart of Physics, Iasi

8. S 7 The Jacobi Group in Physics and Mathematics O-4 S. Berceanu IFIN-HH9. S 7 Entanglement dynamics in open systems O-5 Aurelian Isar IFIN-HH

10. S 7 On method for construction of inverse orthogonal matrices

O-6 P. Dita IFIN-HH


S 7 Dark energy as an expanding anisotropic fluid O-7 Hristu Culetu Ovidius University, Dept. of Physics, Constanta

12. S 7 Phase diagram of a chain of quantum double well oscillators

O-8 Victor Barsan IFIN-HH, Bucharest

13. S 7 Nonlinear dynamical systems in different space-time dimensions

O-9 R.Cimpoiasu, V. Cimpoiasu, R. Constantinescu

University of Craiova, Romania

14. S 7 Geometric phase in particle motion O-10 M. Dima IFIN-HH15. S 7 The quantgrid project (RO) – quantum security in

grid computing applicationsO-11 M.Dima, M.Dulea, E.Pauna,

Marian Petre, B.Mitrica, IFIN-HH, INFLPR, Univ. Politehnica


M.Stoica, M.Udrea, A.Sterian, P.Sterian

16. S 7 Symmetry of reference, base to general Lorentz transformations

P-1 M. Dima, M. Petre IFIN-HH

17. S 7 Madelung fluid description of generalized NLS-type equations; special solutions and their stability

P-2 Anca Visinescu, Dan Grecu IFIN-HH

18. S 7 A MAPLE package for energy-momentum tensor evaluation in curved space-time

P-3 Gabriel Murariu, Antoaneta Ene, Luminita Moraru

Univ. “Dunarea de Jos” Galati

19. S 7 First order solutions for Klein-Gordon-Maxwell-Einstein system in a Lewis-Papapetrou space-time

P-4 G. Murariu, Mirela Praisler Univ. “Dunarea de Jos” Galati,

20. S 7 Spinodal composition of the system water + chloroform + acetic acid at 25 0C

P-5 Florin D. Buzatu Radu P. Lungu, Daniela Buzatu, Roberto Sartorio, Luigi Paduano

IFIN-HHFaculty of Physics, Bucharest University, Magurele-BucharestFaculty of Applied Sciences, Politehnica University, BucharestDepartment of Chemistry, Federico II University of Studies from Naples

21. S 7 A Simple algorithm to assess the time step in naoparticle Brownian motion computer simulation

P-6 Dan Chicea Univ. Lucian Blaga, Sibiu, Dept.Fizica

22. S 7 Generalized Symmetries of the Rudenko-Robsman equation

P-7 Afrodita L. Bodlea, Costin R. Boldea

University of Timisoara, University of Craiova


1. S 8 Tendencies of development on hydrogen field – National Research Center of Hydrogen and Fuel Cell

IP-11 Ioan Stefanescu, Roxana-Elena Ionete, Vasile Stanciu

Nat R-D Inst for Cryogenics &Isotopic Technologies – ICSI Rm. Valcea

2. S 8 The Generalized Theory of the Isotopic Separation Column

IP-12Ilie Hodor

National Institute for R&D of Isotopic and Molecular Technologies, Cluj-Napoca

3. S 8 Study of some complexity features of the optical communications systems

O-1 D. Iordache, Viorica Iordache

Universitatea Politehnica Bucuresti

4. S 8 Numerical analysis of the dark current non-uniformities in charge-coupled devices

O-2 Erik Bodegom, Ralf Widenhorn, Dan-Alexandru Iordache

Portland State University, OregonUniversitatea Politehnica Bucuresti


5. S 8 Electron beams for a low voltage plasma source O-3 S.Marghitu1, C.Oproiu2, O.Marghitu3, D.Toader2, C.Ruset2, C.Matei, I.Munteanu2, M.Vasiliu4

1ICPE Electrostatica, Bucuresti2INFLPR, 3ISS, 4Politehnica University

6. S 8 Maximum Power Point Trackers in Solar Panels O-4 Viorel-Puiu Păun1, Maria-Alexandra Păun2

1“Politehnica” Univ. Bucharest, Faculty of Applied Sciences, Phy. Dept. I; 2Politehnica University of Bucharest, Faculty of Eng in Foreign Languages

7. S 8 Preliminary experiments for a slow positron beam facility at HH-NIPNE Bucharest

O-5 M. Straticiuc, C. Chiojdeanu, F. Constantin, L. Craciun,I. Ghita, C. Ionescu, P.M. Racolta, A. Vasilescu

Applied Nuclear Physics Department, IFIN-HH

8. S 8 Pocket Pulse Height Multichannel System, Model Ssa4k

O-6 Al. Rusu, F. Constantin, Gh. Caragheopol


9. S 8 Structural And Compositional Characterization Of Ba0.6Sr0.4tio3 Thin Films Prepared By RF Magnetron Sputtering Technique

O-7 C. S. Besleaga 1,2, M. Braic1, V. Braic1, H. Alexandru2, L. Nedelcu3

1 National Institute of Research And Development for Optoelectronics; 2Faculty of Physics, University Bucharest; 3 National Institute of Research and Development for Materials Physics

10. S 8 Investigation of Si Thin Films Deposited on Rigid and Flexible Substrates

O-8 C. N. Zoita, L. Braic, T. Mitran , C. Besleaga

National Institute of Optoelectronics, Magurele

11. S 8 Theoretical modeling of the pressure pulses generated by the pumps in the CANDU primary heat transport system

P-1 Cezar Doca, Constantin Paunoiu

Institutul de Cercetari Nucleare, Pitesti

12. S 8 Software approaching for heat transfer coefficients’ evaluation

P-2 Gabriel Murariu, Mihaela Chirila, Mimi Dobrea

Univ. “Dunarea de Jos” Galati

13. S 8 High-accuracy structure identification of the aluminium eutectic alloys using the colour contrast method

P-3 Luminita Moraru, Antoaneta Ene, Gabriel Murariu

Univ. “Dunarea de Jos” Galati

14. S 8 SANS of interacting magnetic micro-sized Fe particles in a Stomaflex crème polymer matrix

P-4 Balasoiu M., I.Bica, E.M.Anitas, A.Kh.Islamov, R.Erhan, V.A.Osipov, A.I.Kuklin

JINR, Dubna, IFIN-HH, Univ. Vest Timisoara


15. S 8 Diagnosis of Low Energy Electron Beams using DIADYN

P-5 D.Toader1, S.Marghitu2, C.Oproiu1, C.Matei1, O.Marghitu3

1.Institutul Nat. de C-D pentru Fizica Laserilor, Plasmei si Radiatiei-Bucuresti2.ICPE Electrostatica S.A - Bucuresti3.Institutul de Stiinte Spatiale – Bucuresti

16. S 8 Dependence of the Nanopulsed Ablation Rate of Aluminium and Silicon on Laser Fluence

P-6 Ionut Vladoiu, Mihai Stafe, Constantin Negutu, Ion M. Popescu

Univ. “Politehnica” Bucharest

17. S 8 Multilayer dielectric for condenser insulation P-7 F. Buşe1, T. Zaharescu2, S. Jipa2,3

1 Military Technical Academy, 83 George Cosbuc Av., Bucharest 0501412 INCDIE – ICPE CA3 Valahia University, Fac. Stiinte

18. S 8 A multifunctional counter for backscattering Mössbauer spectroscopy

P-8 I. Bibicu1, G. Nicolescu2, C. Cretu3

1National Institute for Materials Physics; 2IFIN-HH; 3Physics Department, Transilvania University, Brasov

19. S 8 Grazing Incidence Mirrors for Euv Lithography P-9 V. Braic, M. Balaceanu, M. Braic*

National Institute for Optoelectronics, Magurele

20. S 8 High Frequency Study of the Electrical Permittivity for a Perovskite-like System from Two Dimensional Perovskite Layer Family

P-10 Daniela Ionescu1, Iulia Brînduşa Ciobanu2

1,2Gh. Asachi Technical University of Iasi, Romania, 1Faculty of Electronics and Telecomm, Iasi, 2Department of Physics, Iasi

21. S 8 InN Thin Films Obtained by rf Magnetron Sputtering P-11 C. N. Zoitaa*, L. Nedelcub, C. Besleagaa, L. Braica, T. Mitrana and A. Kissa

a National Institute of Optoelectronics, Magurele- b National Institute of Materials Physics, Magurele-Bucharest

22. S 8 Nickel films deposition on flexible substrates by thermionic vacuum arc method

P-12 I. Jepu1, C. P. Lungu1, C. Porosnicu1, P. Chiru1, V. Soare2

1National Institute for Laser, Plasma and Radiation Physics, Magurele2R&D National Institute for Nonferous and Rare Metals, Pantelimon

23. S 8 Characterization of the electron beam radiation field by chemical dosimetry

P-13 Monica R.Nemtanu, C.Oproiu, Mirela Brasoveanu, M.Oane


24. S 8 The use of cellulose acetate for determining the dose distribution in electron beam

P-14 C.Oproiu1, D.Toader1, M.Nemtanu1, R.Popa2

1.INFLPR2. Institutul Oncologic Bucuresti


25. S 8 Consequences of gamma-irradiation on electrical properties of some sorts of polyethylene as electrical insulator

P-15 T. Zaharescu, S.Jipa, E.D.Popescu

Universitatea Valahia,Academia Tehnica Militara

26. S 8 An overview on noise due to automobile running on different types of asphalt

P-16 Ana Picu, George Balan Univ. “Dunarea de Jos” Galati

27. S 8 The measurement of the magnetic susceptibility and of the magnetization using the Gouy method

P-17 Viorica Chioran, I. Ardelean, Aurora Stanci

Universitatea “Babes-Bolyai”Universitatea din Petrosani

28. S 8 Separarea magnetofluidica a metalelor neferoase P-18 Viorica Chioran, Daniel Chioran, Aurora Stanci

Universitatea “Babes-Bolyai”Universitatea din Petrosani

29. S 8 Bias Influence on the Beryllium Films Morphology P-19 C. Porosnicu, A. Anghel, I. Mustata, C. P. Lungu

National Institute for Lasers, Plasma and Radiation Physics

30. S 8 The design of neutron filters for the JET Gamma-Ray Cameras

P-20 S. Soare1, T. Craciunescu2, M. Curuia1, V. Kiptily3, I. Lengar4, A. Murari5, P. Prior3, M. Anghel1, G. Bonheure6, M. Constantin1, T. Edlington3, D. Falie2, F. Le Guern7, A. Pantea2, S. Popovichev3, V. Riccardo3, V. Thompson3, I. Tiseanu2 and JET EFDA contributors*

1 Association EURATOM-MEdC, National Institute for Cryogenics and Isotopic Technologies, Rm. Valcea, Romania2 Association EURATOM-MEdC, National Institute for Laser, Plasma and Radiation Physics, Bucharest, Romania; 3 Association EURATOM-UKAEA/JOC, Culham Science Centre, Abingdon, UK; 4 Association EURATOM-MHST, Jozef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia5 Association EURATOM-ENEA, RFX, Padova, Italy; 6 Association EURATOM-Belgian State, LPP-ERM/KMS, B 1000 Brussels, Belgium7 JET-CSU, Culham Science Centre, Abingdon, UK

31. S 8 Mathematical Models for Isotopic Exchange Process in the Pilot Plant for Tritium and Deuterium Separation

P-21 Sorin Gherghinescu National Institute of R&D for Cryogenics and Isotopes Technologies (ICIT), Rm. Valcea

32. S 8 System for real-time estimation of the tritium inventory in the water detritiation pilot plant from ICSI Rm. Valcea

P-22 Ioan Stefanescu, Nicolae Bidica, Anisia Bornea, Iuliana Stefan, Gheorghe Bulubasa

National Research and Development Institute for Cryogenics and Isotopic Technologies - ICSI Rm.Valcea

33. S 8 New Measurement Modes for AFM based on Force Modulated Microscopy to obtain Tribological and Elastic Surface Properties of Biomaterials

P-23 Ionescu Cristina, Craciun Liviu Stefan, Straticiuc Mihai, Racolta Petru Mihai, Ghita Ionica Alina

NIPNE-HH, Bucharest-Magurele



1. S 9 Influence of the site properties on the long term evolution scenarios for Saligny Near Surface Radioactive Waste Repository

O-1 Ortenzia Niculae1*, Daniela Dogaru 2, Gheorghita Jinescu3, Octavian Gh. Duliu4

1National Agency for Radioactive Waste, Mioveni; 2National Commission for Nuclear Activities Control; 3”Politehnica” University of Bucharest; 4Univ. of Bucharest

2. S 9 Influence of the interface quality on the performance of multilayered CuPc photovoltaic cells

O-2 Corneliu Ghica1, Lucian Ion2, George Epurescu3, Leona Nistor1, Stefan Antohe2, Maria Dinescu3

1 National Institute of Materials Physics; 2 University of Bucharest, Faculty of Physics; 3 National Institute of Lasers, Plasmas and Radiations

3. S 9 Use of numerical models for the performance assessment studies of a CANDU spent nuclear fuel repository

O-3 P.Ilie, Al.Danchiv, Alice Ionescu, L.Didita, V. Deaconu, G.Ghita

Institutul de Cercetari Nucleare, Pitesti, Univ. Bucuresti, Romanian Radioactive Waste Management Agency

4. S 9 Point kinetics LOCA scenarios evaluation using DIREN_MG calculation options for advanced CANDU fuel projects

O-4 I.Prodea, C.A.Margeanu, I.Patrulescu, I.Prisecaru, N.Danila

Institutul de Cercetari Nucleare, Pitesti; Univ. Politehnica, Bucuresti

5. S 9 Determination of scaling factors for radioactive waste generated in the hot cells of INR Pitesti

P-1 LC Dinu, RF Nita, O. Ichim, D.Anghel, G.C.Lazar, G.E.Androne

Institutul de Cercetari Nucleare, Pitesti


1. S 10 Studies about producing droplets containing cytostatics solutions

O-1 IR Andrei, M.Ferrari, S.Rao, M.Dicu, A.Mahamoud, M.L.Pascu

INFLPR, CNF Genova, Fac. Farmacie, Mediterranean University, Marseille

2. S 10 Effects of nocodazole and ionizing radiation on cell proliferation and delayed luminescence

O-2 Irina Baran, C.Ganea, F.Musumeci, S. Tudisco, A.Scordino, S.Privitera, L.Lanzano, E.Katona, I.Ursu, V.Baran

Univ. de Medicina si Farmacie Carol Davila, Bucuresti, [email protected] Fisica Nucleare, Metodologie Fisiche e Chimiche per l’ingegneria, Catania, IFIN-HH; Fac.Fiz, Univ. Bucuresti


3. S 10 DNA fragmentation induced by 2- Dodecylcyclobutanone in mammalian cells studied by comet assay

O-3 C. Mustaciosu, I.Petcu, D. Savu, M. Radu

IFIN-HH- Department of Health and Environmental Physics

4. S 10 Biocompatibility of Materials – Concepts and Practices

O-4 Diana Savu, Ileana Petcu, C. Mustaciosu, M. Radu

Department of Life and Environmental Physics, Horia Hulubei National Institute for Physiscs and Nuclear Engineering

5. S 10 A fluorescent study of the interactions between antibiotics and the Outer Membrane Porin F inserted in model membranes

O-5 Mihaela Bacalum, Mihai Radu

IFIN-HH, Department of Life and Environmental Sciences

6. S 10 Evaluation of 188Re-Anti-Vegf-Mab as Novel Agent in Cancer Radioimmunotherapy

O-6 Dana Niculae1, Valeria Lungu1, Lorelai Brasoveanu2, Marina Iliescu1 and Diana Savu1

1. Horia Hulubei National Institute for Physics and Nuclear Engineering Bucharest- Magurele2. Institute of Virology Stefan S. Nicolau, Bucharest

7. S 10 A study for detection of irradiated fish and seafoods using gas chromatographic and ESR methods

O-7 M. Virgolicia, M. Cutrubinisa, A.V. Medvedovicib, M.M. Maneaa, C.C. Pontaa, I.V. Moisea, R. Georgescua

a - IFIN HH - IRASMb - University of Bucharest, Faculty of chemistry, Department of Analytical Chemistry

8. S 10 Application of whole blood coherent light backscattering dynamics analysis

O-8 Dan Chicea, Liana Maria Chicea, Radu Chicea

Univ. Lucian Blaga SibiuFac. de Medicina, Sibiu

9. S 10 Nonlinear signals in gene regulatory networks O-9 A. S. Carstea IFIN-HH

10. S 10 Non-linear dynamics trends in the brain electromagnetic activity

O-10 C. Astefanoaei, D.Creanga, G.Mindru

Univ. Al.I.Cuza, Iasi

11. S 10 On the Diffusive Transport through a Spherical Interface

O-11 Viorel-Puiu Păun, Maria-Alexandra Păun

“Politehnica” Univ. of Bucharest

12. S 10 Pathogen bacteria resistance to antibiotics in magnetic field

P-1 A. Poiata, D.E.Creanga, V.V.Morariu, C.Astefanoaei

Univ. Gr.T.Popa, Fac.Pharmacy, IasiUniv. Al.I.Cuza, Fac.Phys., IasiITIM, Cluj-Napoca

13. S 10 The influence of Cd2+ and Quercetin on the mechanic properties of the artificial lipid membranes revealed by atomic force microscopy

P-2 Diana Ionescu, Magda Dragusin, G.Vegh, C.Ganea, G.Varo

Univ of Medicine and Pharmacy Carol Davila, Inst. de Biofizica… Szeged, Ungaria

14. S 10 Correction factor for the adsorbed dose to graphite due to heat loss through connecting thermistor leads

P-3 D.Radu, AS Guerra, RF Laitano, I.Astefanoaei

Univ “Al.I.Cuza” Iasi, ENEA, Italy


15. S 10 Temperature distribution in the core of a 3-body graphite calorimeter

P-4 D.Radu, AS Guerra, RF Laitano, I.Astefanoaei

Univ “Al.I.Cuza” Iasi, ENEA, Italy

16. S 10 An improved differential model for Domen-type graphite calorimeters

P-5 D.Radu, AS Guerra, RF Laitano, I.Astefanoaei

Univ “Al.I.Cuza” Iasi, ENEA, Italy

17. S 10 Statistical scaling laws reflecting structural properties of the hydrolases

P-6 D. Craciun, A.Isvoran, N.M.Avram

Univ. Vest Timisoara

18. S 10 Aspects regarding the rheological behavior of wheat starch treated with accelerated electron beam

P-7 Monica R.Nemtanu, Mirela Brasoveanu


19. S 10 The effects of natural antioxidant quercetin and anions of Hofmeister series, on liposomes marked with chlorophyll a

P-8 Magdalena Drăguşin*, Laura Tugulea&, Constanţa Ganea*

* University of Medicine and Pharmacy Carol Davila, & University Bucharest, Faculty of Physics

20. S 10 Anti-Microbial Peptides (AMPs) insertion in lipid vesicles

P-9 Mihaela Bacalum, Mihai Radu

IFIN-HH, Department of Life and Environmental Sciences

21. S 10 Binding Properties of Human Serum Albumin to ANS and Divalent Cations

P-10 Doina Gazdaru, Claudia Chilom, Ioana Pătraşcu, Cristina Matei, Alina Ene, Aurel Popescu

Department of Electricity and Biophysics, Faculty of Physics, University of Bucharest

22. S 10 Kinetics of antitrenbolone antibody-trenbolone system in ELISA technique

P-11 Livia Harangus, Ioan Dorobantu


23. S 10 NIPNE-HH human body laboratory-eight years of notified activity. Statistics on monitoring data

P-12 Maria Angela Saizu IFIN-HH

24. S 10 Centrul de Cercetare in Protectie Radiologica – Universitatea din Bucuresti

P-13 C.Cherestes1, M.Cherestes1, O.G.Duliu2, N.Ghiordanescu2

1Dozimed SRF; 2Universitatea Bucuresti, Fac. Fizica

25. S 10 Multi-functional thin films of lactoferrin for biochemical use deposited by MAPLE technique (Matrix Assisted Pulsed Laser Evaporation)

P-14 V. Dinca, A. Palla-Papavlu, C. Constantinescu, P. Florian*, A. Nedelcea, A. Roseanu*, M. Dinescu

* IB - Institute of Biochemistry of the Romanian Academy, BucharestINFLPR - Magurele, Bucharest



1. S 11 Seismic Hazard Map of Romania by IP-10 Gheorghe Marmureanu, National Institute for Earth Physics,


deterministic and probalistic approaches,linear and nonlinear analyses

Carmen Ortanza Cioflan, Alexandru Marmureanu, Nicolae Mandrescu


2. S 11 Lateral structure determination for Bucovina (Romania) region using array techniques

O-1 F. Borleanu, M.Popa, M.Radulian


3. S 11 Crustal thickness and Vp/Vs variations from analysis of teleseismic receiver functions

O-2 D. Tataru, V.Raileanu INCDFP

Proposed meteorological pre-processor for IFIN-HH O-3 Dan Galeriu, Anca Melintescu, Dan Slavnicu

4. S 11 Decision support systems. The evaluation of environmental impact in a radioactive release

O-4 D.S.Slavnicu, D.V.Vamanu, D.Gheorghiu, A.Gheorghiu, V.T.Acasandrei, B.I.Vamanu


5. S 11 Low background laboratory for radiation metrology O-5 S. Bercea, F.Lupescu, A.Celarel, R.Margineanu, C.Cenusa, B.Neacsu, S.Patrascu


6. S 11 Fluorescence fingerprints for surface aquatic systems O-6 E.Pfeiffer, A.Baker, A.Popescu, G.Pavelescu

INOE; Univ.Birmingham,Univ. Bucuresti, Fac. Fizica

7. S 11 Spatial and temporal variability of the air and its impact on the human healthStudy of risk assessment for SADACHIT SRL Turda

O-7 Török Zoltan1,2, Lucrina Stefanescu2, Alexandru Ozunu1, Sanda Marginean1, Emil Cordos1,3, Emil Carstea4

1 Regional Center for Major Industrial Accidents Prevention, CRAIM, Cluj-Napoca; 2Babes-Bolyai University, UBB; 3INCDO-INOE 2000, Research Institute for Analytical Instrumentation, ICIA, Cluj-Napoca; 4INOE 2000

8. S 11 Influence of the direct/indirect aerosol impact on precipitation, at regional scale

O-8 Mihaela Caian*, Sabina Stefan**

*National Meteorological Administration, Bucuresti –Ploiesti **University of Bucharest, Faculty of Physics

9. S 11 Laser Remote Sensing of the Lower Atmosphere O-9 Doina Nicolae(1), Jeni Vasilescu(1), Cristian Radu(1), Emil Carstea(1), Sabina Stefan(2

INOE 2000, Magurele-Bucharest 2University of Bucharest, Faculty of Physics, Magurele

10. S 11 Lidar and satellite remote sensing techniques for studies of aerosol impact on regional climate

O-10 1Anca Nemuc, 2 Sabina Stefan, 3Constanta

1 INOE 2000, Magurele2 University of Bucharest, Faculty of


variability. IMPAERO-Objectives and results Boroneant, 4Tom Savu, 5Gabriela Pitl

Physics, Magurele; 3National Administration of Meteorology; 4Center for Advanced Technologies, University Politehnica Bucharest; 5Regional Center for Major Industrial Accidents Prevention, CRAIM, Cluj-Napoca

11. S 11 WWW.ICIMGIS.RO/Romania - Webgis for Environment

O-11 Alin Deneanu, Oana Iancovici, Anca Dragomir, Daniela Zisu

National R&D Institute for Environmental Protection–ICIMBucureşti

12. S 11 Optical Remote Sensing for Investigations of Urban Planetary Boundary Layer Pollution - Objectives And Results

O-12 Camelia Talianu(1), Doina Nicolae(1), Livio Belegante(1), Cristina Raicu(2), F. Popescu(3), Cecilia Roman(4)

1 INOE 2000, Magurele; 2Nat Res-Develop Inst for Environmental Protection–N R&DIEP,Bucharest; 3Politehnica” University of Timisoara, 4

Regional Center for Major Industrial Accidents Prevention, Cluj-Napoca

13. S 11 Urban PBL Pollution using Remote and In-situ Instruments

O-13 1Livio Belegante, 2 Francisc Popescu, 3Cristina Raicu, 4Cristian Necula, 5Maria Tandrau, 6Cecilia Roman

1 INOE 2000, Magurele2 Politehnica” University of Timisoara, 3Nat.Res-Develop.Inst for Environmental Protection–N R&DIEP Bucharest; 4University of Bucharest, Faculty of Physics, 5 SC ECOSIMPLEX NOVA; 6Regional Center for Major Industrial Accidents Prevention, CRAIM, Cluj-Napoca

14. S 11 Cloud cover modulation by solar proxies: could solar activity partly account for the observed climate variability?

O-14 M. Voiculescu, I.Usoskin, G.Kovaltsov, L.P. Georgescu

Univ. “Dunarea de Jos” Galati, Ioffe Physical-Technical Inst, Russia

15. S 11 PIXE analysis of environmental and metallurgical samples

O-15 Antoaneta Ene, I.V.Popescu, Claudia Stihi, Anca Gheboianu, T.Badica, M.Gugiu, I.Bancuta, G.Dima

Univ “Dunarea de Jos” Galati, Univ. “Valahia” Targoviste – Fac. De Stiinte si Arte, IFIN-HH

16. S 11 Black Sea influence on extreme precipitation in Romania

O-16 Roxana Bojariu, E.Ion-Bordei, F.Giorgi, S.Rauscher, X.Bi

Administratia Nationala de Meteorologie

17. S 11 National Radon mapping National Radon mapping O-17 Lidia Purghel1 C. Cosma2, Dorina Gheorghiu3, Rodica

1,3,4,5,6IFIN-HH , 2Univ. Babes-Bolyai Fac. de Stiinta si Tehnologia


Iancu4, Stela Patrascu5, Beatris Neacsu6, M. Popescu7, Iren A. Moldovan8, M. Diaconescu9

Mediului Cluj, 7INCPMRR, 8,9INCFP

18. S 11 The analyses of air pollution episode in Bucharest O-18 Sabina Stefan1, Cristina Raicu2

1 Univ.Bucharest, Fac.Phys; 2National Research-Develop. Institute for Environmental Protection –N R&DIEP Bucharest

19. S 11 Recalculation of the depth-intermediate Vrancea earthquakes magnitudes using historical seismograms

P-1 M.Craiu, D.Paulescu, A.Tugui, D.Tataru


20. S 11 Property of grouping in space and time of subcrustal seismicity from the Vrancea zone

P-2 E.Popescu, M.Rogozea, C.Neagoe, M.Radulian


21. S 11 Determination of the lithospheric structure form Carpathians arc bend using local data

P-3 B. Zaharia, B.Enescu, M.Radulian, M.Popa, I.Koulakov, S.Parolai

INCFPGeoforschungszentrum, Potsdam, Germania

22. S 11 The measurement of atmospherical Radon in seismic monitoring applications

P-4 MR Calin, C.Ionescu, A. Grigore


23. S 11 Analysis of site response characteristics in Romania using S and coda waves

P-5 B. Grecu, V. Raileanu, D. Tataru, A. Bala

National Institute for Earth Physics

24. S 11 Integrated study of the geological, geophysical and seismological data for earthquake response evaluation

P-6 N.Mândrescu, M.Radulian, Gh.Mămureanu, B.Grecu

National Institute for Earth Physics

25. S 11 Characteristics of synoptic patterns associated to tropospheric aerosol loading and the corresponding air mass trajectories

P-7 Constanţa Boroneanţ1*, Florinela Georgescu1, Simona Oancea1, Mihaela Caian1, Sabina Ştefan2, Monica Matei1,2

1Administraţia Naţională de Meteorologie, Bucuresti-Ploiesti2 Universitatea Bucureşti, Facultatea de Fizică, Măgurele

26. S 11 Estimating the Size Distribution of the Atmospheric Aerosol through the Spectral Analysis of the Ångström Parameter

P-8 Luminiţa Filip, Sabina Ştefan

University of Bucharest, Faculty of Physics, Bucharest-Magurele

27. S 11 Proton Induced X-Rays Excitation (Pixe) and Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (AAS) Applied in the Environmental Samples Analysis

P-9 I.V. Popescu1,2, C. Stihi1, T. Bădică2, Gh.V.Cimpoca1, G. Dima1, A. Gheboianu1, I.Bancuta1

1Physics Department, Valahia University of Targoviste2National Institute for Nuclear Engineerging „Horia Hulubei”

28. S 11 Environmental Samples Analysis by Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (AAS) and Inductively

P-10 C. Stihi1, I.V. Popescu1,2, Gh.V.Cimpoca1 , G. Dima1, A.

1Valahia University of Targoviste, Research Institute for Science and


Coupled Plasma-Optical Emission Spectroscopy (ICP-OES)

Gheboianu1, I.Bancuta1 Technologies, Targoviste; 2Academy of Romanian Science

29. S 11 Integrated laboratory for the spectrometric monitorship of the environment and of radioactive materials ISALMROM

P-11 Marian Romeo Calin IFIN-HH

30. S 11 Ionospheric structures and possible connection with inner magnetosphere boundary layers

P-12 M.Voiculescu, M.Echim, M.Roth, J.De Keyser, G.Murariu, M.Praisler

Univ “Dunarea de Jos” Galati,Belgian Inst. for Space Aeronomy,

31. S 11Determining the Aerosol Optical Properties by using the Integrating Nephelometer

P-13Sabina Stefan*, Laura Paduraru

University of Bucharest, Faculty of Physics, Bucharest

32. S 11 Pollutants measurements from environmental gaseus samples in the atmosphere

P-14 Diana Florescu, Gili Saros, Roxana Ionete, Vasile Stanciu

ICIT Rm. Valcea

33. S 11 Stable Isotope Signature (D/H, 18o/16o, 13c/12c): Important Element in Paleoclimate Reconstruction

P-15 Diana Costinel1, Raluca Vremera1, Voicu V. Grecu 2

1National R&D Institute of Cryogenics and Isotopic Technologies – ICSI Rm. Valcea, Research & Development Department – ICSI Rm. Valcea, Rm. Valcea; 2 University Bucharest - Faculty of Physics, Bucharest-Măgurele


1. S 12 Iniţiativă legislativă privind meseria de fizician în nomenclatorul de meserii din România

O-1 Radu Constantinescu Universitatea Craiova

2. S 12 Cercetarea ştiinţifică de fizică în universităţi O-2 E. Burzo Facultatea de Fizica, Universitatea Babes-Bolyai, Cluj-Napoca

3. S 12 Là crise de l'einseignement de la physique.L'analyse de Marketing du groupe civile.

O-3 Iorga Siman Ion - Université de Pitesti

4. S 12 On the content of the physics textbooks intended to the Romanian Technical Universities in the 21st


O-4 Dan-Alexandru Iordache Universitatea Politehnica Bucuresti

5. S 12 Computational Physics. A better model for Physics Education?

O-5 Rubin H. Landau, Cristian C. Bordeianu

Oregon State University, University of Bucharest, Faculty of Physics

6. S 12 Science education through cosmic ray experiments in O-6 V. Popa ISS


high schools – ROCOSMICS 7. S 12 A Short Comment on Physics Education in Romania P-1 Dan Chicea, Dorin

Gheorghe StoicescuPhysics Department, University Lucian Blaga of Sibiu

8. S 12 Using computers to teach the structural characteristics of proteins

P-2 Dana Craciun, Adriana Isvoran

Univ. Vest Timisoara

9. S 12 Post Graduate Specialization in Nuclear Physics Applications

P-3 Camelia Avadanei Nuclear Training Centre (CPSDN) - IFIN-HH