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    Varianta 1o Toate subiectele sunt obligatorii. Se acordi 10 puncte din oficiu.r Timpul efectiv de lucru este de 1 or5.

    Read the foltowing article. Five sentences have been removed from the extract Choosefrom sentences A-F the one which fits each gap (1-5). There is one extra sentence whichyou do not need to use.

    A Then the falling dominoes head out of the room into the streets, causing progressively largerobjects to tumble.B ihese were all chosen to suit the town and fit in with the people's way of life.G Getting there involved driving along 48 kilometres of dirt roads and crossing twelve rivers.D The piop department did construct a small version on site, but most of the work was done ina studio in London.E Added to this was the total of one hundred and thirty 'actors' who were recruited from fiveneighbouring towns.F Not so with the famous lrish drink company Guinness.

    Many of the most expensive commercials ever made are those in which an A-list celebrityflashes a beautiful smile at the cameras. 1

    -Their recent television advertisement, themost expensive in British history, cost ten million pounds, and it features, not the rich andfamous, but villagers from the mountains of Argentina.The advertisement features a game of dominoes. lt begins in a darkened room where severalthousand ordinary dominoes ire set up on a specially-designed table. 2 Dominoesknock over books, which in turn knock bigger household objects such as suitcases, tyres, potsof paint, oil drums and even cars. The final piece in th-e chain reaction is a huge tower of books'These flutter open to reveal a structure in the shape of a pint of Guinness'The location chosen for the commercialwas lruya, a village high up in the mountains of north-west Argentina. 3 The journey there could take up to ten hours. Asked why this rerytotedestinatl'ron was chGn for the shoot, the director said that even though it was the most difficultlocation they could have picked, it was perfect.For one month, the village, population thousand, increased in size by almost thirty percent. Onehundred and forty crew members descended on the village. These included the world recordholders in domino toppling, Weijers Domino productions from the Netherlands. 4-Creating this film was nolasy iask. Preparations for filming took well over a month. Twenty sixtruckloa-ds of objects were biought in. 5 They included 10,000 books, 400 tyres, 75mirrors, 50 fridgLs, 45 wardrobe! and 6 cars. Setting the objects up tgok skill and patience.They needed tJbe arranged so they would fall over easily, and this involved balancing them onstones.

    probd scrisi de verificare a cunogtinlelor de limba englezi pentru admiterea in anul gcolar 2013-2014 inclasa a lX-a cu program bilingv - varianta 1

  • Director Nicolai Fuglsig said about the project: 'Despite all the challenges, the cast was fantasticand it was a reallyimizing experience.'Whether or not the effort put into the advert pays off isanother matter entirelY.

    Gomplete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence,usin! the word given in brackets. Do not change the word given. Use between two andfive words, including the word given.

    1. City residents are going to organise a campaign to reduce street noise. (BE)A campaign to reduce street noise by city residents.

    2. Peter hasn't seen his aunt Margaret for years. (SAWIt's


    his aunt Margaret.3. 'Don t iouckr the mug, Jack, it's still hot", said Mrs' Wilson. (NOT)

    Mrs. Wilson the mug because it was still hot.4.





    I will only work extra hours if I get paid more. (UNLESS)lwil l- | get Paid more.Max offered Leslie a lift fo the station, but she didn't accept. GURNED)

    9. Carrie doesn't run as fast as Sarah. (RUNNER)Sarah is


    than Carrie.10. lt isn't easy tor Oaniel to get up before the sun rises. (DIFFICULTY)

    Leslie offer of a lift to the station.You can norrow myGmera, but you must be carefulwith it. (LONG)You can borrow my camera carefulwith it.People say learning lists of words is not a good use of time. WASTE)Learning lists of words is


    of time.Maria hidn't expected to see so many people at the concert. (SURPRISE)It came to see so many people at the concert.

    Complete the gaps in the text below with one word that best fits each space. There is oneexample.

    Nowadays, just about everyone has a mobile phone. This wonderful invention enables people tostay (0) in ioucn with otheis at any time of day or night and no (1)


    where they are. lt hasOroufint ftople closer and it (2) _ certainly have saved many lives by enabling immediatecontJct with'the emergency services. lt also, on the other (3)


    has its disadvantages'perhaps the most obvious of (4)


    is the sound of people talking loudly into their phone onpublic transport, apparently unaware (5)


    how much they are disturbing other travellers'This is. now'starting to hafpen even on airplanes, where until recently passengers (6)always told to keep tfreir cell phones switched off. Quite (7)


    from the annoyance theycausl, those who shout into their phones in public (8)


    also be taking unnecessary risks. ltis amazing (9)


    often people talk about highly personal subjects, including money matters,when they havJno idea (10)


    might be listening to their every word.

    Daniel up before the sun rises.

    probd scris6 de verificare a cunogtinlelor de limba englezi pentru admiterea in anulgcolar 2013-2014lnclasa a lX-a cu program bilingv - varianta 1


    For questions 1 -

    15, read the text below and decide which word (A, B, C or D) best fitseach space. There is an example at the beginning (0).Teddy BearsThe his1ory of the teddy bear goes back no (0) A than 1903. In that year, a cartoon (1)

    in an American newspaper showing President Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt (2) _

    toshoot a bear cub on a hunting expedition. Soon after this, an enterprising toy shop owner inNew York made some toy bears and (3) them in his shop windowwith a sign that (4)

    "Teddy's bear". These bears proved to be so popular that they soon sold (5) - , andit wasn't long before a factory was established to (6) _

    advantage of the great 1Z; _ forthese new toys. At about the same time, the Steiff toy factory in Germany naO intr6ciuceO a 1ayof soft toys, made (9)


    mohair and wood shavings, with movable heads and limbs.(10) -

    the popularity of teddy bears in the USA, Steiff decided to (11) making theseas well, and they were modelled (12) the real bears in Stuttgart zoo. lt is thesb earlySteiff bears that are now most eagerly sought after by collectors. These days, teddy bears are agood investment for people who want to sell them years later, at a much (13) price. (14)-,

    it's obvious that most te'ddy bear lovers collect them for (15) rather than profit.0 A further B older C oreater D more1 A remarked B aooroached C appeared D reported2 A defendino B reversinq C denvino D refusino3 A displaved B published C introduced D demonstrated4 A said B wrote C sooke D named5 A out Bup C off D awav6 A take B find C make D qet7 A claim B order C demand D reouest8 A qrade B chain C flavour D ranqeI A alono with B down from C up for D out of10 A Given BAs C Althouoh D Since11 A enter B put C set D beqin12 Aon Bat G with Din13 A hotter B harder C heavier D hioher14 A Despite B In soite C Namelv D However15 A charm B ouroose C choice D pleasure

    Read the text and use the words given in capitals to form words that fit in the numberedgaps. The words are given in the order in which you need to use them. There is anexarnple at the beginning.

    Probd scrisd de verificare a cunogtin[elor de limba englezi pentru admiterea in anul gcolar 2013-2014lnclasa a lX-a cu program bilingv - varianta 1


    Penguins are (0) FLIGHTLESS birds which live south of theEquator. As their legs are short, they (1)


    stand upright andwalk when they are on land. When they find it (2)


    to travelat greater speed, they often drop on to their stomachs and slide

    But it is at sea, (3) _

    when divinq, that penquins

    O - FLIGHT1

    - USUAL

    2 -


    3 - SPECIAL

  • move fast, the (4) _

    of their streamlined@to reach a (5)


    of up to 265 metres in some cases.The.16 species of penguin tend to look rather (6)


    with blackor dark blue backs and white fronts. But (7)


    in size andhead patterns allow them to be (8)The fact that a number of species spend their whole life inAntirctica where there is little (i)

    _from the world,s least(10) _

    weather conditions, makes their continued survival oneof the wonders of nature.

    4 - WEIGH

    5 - DEEP6

    - LIKE

    7 - VARY

    8 - IDENTIFY

    9 -



    Read the text below and look carefully at each line. Some lines are correct and somecontain a word which should not be there. lf the line is correct put a tick ({}. ii tdli;;contains a word which should not be there, write the word bbside it. Th6re are twoexamples (0, 00).


    Probi scrisd de verificare a cunogtinlelor de limba englezi pentru admiterea in anul gcolar 2015-2O14 inclasa a lX-a cu program bilingv - varianta 1

    0 lt seems that the mystery of why th