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Descoperă cum voluntariatul din timpul facultăţii te ajută să îţi găsești jobul potrivit

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  • Voluntariat n facultateDescoper cum voluntariatul din timpul facultii te ajut s i gseti jobul potrivit

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  • Aceast publicaie (comunicare) reflect numai punctul de vedere al autorului i Comisia nu poate fi fcut responsabil pentru utilizarea informaiei pe care o conine.

    Toate drepturile rezervate CROS - Centrul de Resurse pentru Organizaii Studeneti.

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    1. Despre Organizaiile Studeneti din Romnia .................. 2

    2. Despre CROS Camp .............................................................. 5

    3. Despre experiena de voluntar n ONGS ............................ 7

    4. Despre angajabilitate prin voluntariat ............................... 16

  • 21. Despre Organizaiile Studeneti din Romnia

    n Romnia, exist peste 200 de organizaii neguvernamentale studeneti (ONGS), dezvoltate n ultimele dou decenii. n cadrul acestora, sunt implicai ca membri activi, peste 5.000 de studeni.

    n ultimii ani, putem observa o cretere pe trei niveluri a acestora:

    a numrului de organizaii care implic tinerii n activiti de voluntariat n Romnia,

    a numrului lor de voluntari

    i a numrului de proiecte pe care acetia l realizeaz anual.

    In Romania, there are over 200 students non-governmental organizations (SNGOs), developed over the past two decades. Within them, are involved as active members, over 5,000 students.

    In the last years, we can observe an increase on three different levels:

    of the number of organisations involving young people in voluntary activities in Romania,

    of the number of volunteers,

    and of the number of projects they implement annually.

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  • 4Dac la nceput, ONGSurile erau orientate mai degrab spre aciuni de reprezentare a studenilor n structurile de conducere ale universitilor, s-au transformat treptat n medii de nvare profesional i dezvoltare personal pentru membrii i beneficiarii proiectelor pe care le desfoar.

    Studiul CROS despre organizaiile studeneti din Romnia, publicat n anul 2011, arta faptul c 100 dintre aceste organizaii, la nivel naional, au realizat nu mai puin de 1.400 de proiecte n anul universitar 2009-2010. Aceste proiecte sunt:

    evenimente tiinifice i studeneti,

    traininguri pentru membrii organizaiei i pentru studeni,

    tabere i seminarii,

    activiti culturale,

    proiecte sociale i ecologice,


    activiti sportive,

    reviste i portaluri informative,

    trguri de locuri de munc i multe altele.

    If at the beginning, SNGOs were oriented more towards the action of representing students in the leadership structures of universities, they have slowly transformed into professional learning environments and personal development for their members and for the recipients of the projects they develop.

    The CROS study of the student

    non-governmental organizations in Romania, published in the year 2011, shows that 100 of these organizations, at a national level, have made no less than 1400 projects during the 2009-2010 academic year. These projects consist of:

    scientific and student events

    trainings for members of the organizations and for students

    learning camps and seminars

    cultural activities

    social and ecological projects


    sport activities

    journals and informative portals

    job fairs and many more.

  • 5Experiena de a fi membru ntr-o organizaie studeneasc este una de nvare continu, prin provocrile pe care i le ofer la fiecare pas - de la simplul rol de voluntar n organizarea unui eveniment local, la coordonarea de echipe de voluntari ce dezvolt proiecte la nivel naional pentru cteva mii de tineri ori la realizarea unei strategii pe 5 ani a organizaiei pe care o conduci. Fie c faci campanii de comunicare, vnzri sau recrutare de voluntari, fiecare activitate n care te implici i aduce noi perspective privind abilitile tale i lucrurile pe care ai putea s le faci mai departe n via.

    Lucrnd de peste 10 ani cu organizaiile studeneti, am constatat cum acest mediu de lucru creeaz lideri, antreprenori i ceteni responsabili pentru societatea de mine, oameni activi, implicai i puternici. Acei 1% dintre oamenii care contribuie activ la transformarea Romniei.

    The experience of being a SNGO member is one of a continuous learning through the challenges offered at every turn - from a simple volunteer in organizing a local event, to coordinating teams of volunteers that develop national level projects for several thousand young people or creating a five-year strategy of the organization they run. Whether you deploy communication campaigns, sales or recruit volunteers, every activity in which you engage brings new perspectives regarding your skills and your further accomplishment in life.

    Working with student organizations for more than 10 years, we ascertained how this environment creates leaders, entrepreneurs and citizens who are responsible for tomorrows society, people who are active, involved and empowered. Those 1% of people who actively contribute to Romanias evolution.

  • 62. Despre CROS CampCROS Camp este o tabr de 7 zile ce reunete lideri

    ai organizaiilor studeneti din Bucureti, implicai n comunitile de practici dezvoltate de Centrul de Resurse pentru Organizaii Studeneti, cu scopul de a integra noile generaii de studeni implicai activ n acest mediu lucrativ.

    La eveniment particip aproximativ 100 de tineri i profesioniti, venii fie care facilitatori, fie ca persoane resurs pentru nvarea tinerilor.

    Atmosfera din Camp te duce ntr-o lume n care nvei s-i asumi responsabilitatea pentru propria dezvoltare i pentru aciunile tale, te descoperi, redescoperi jocul, motivaia intrinsec i pasiunea, ai curajul s visezi i reflexul de a oferi nainte de a cere.

    Fiecare zi din Camp este creat pentru a experimenta o atitudine pe care mediul asociativ studenesc le promoveaz implicit:

    Relaionare (deschiderea spre colaborare i relaii deschide i autentice);

    nvare (cutarea continu a dezvoltrii personale i profesionale);

    Joc (nelegerea jocului ca dorin de experimentare i de a te bucura mereu de via);

    mprtire (a pune n comun gnduri, experiene, cunoatere, practici cu scopul de a construi mpreun lucruri mai bune, de care ne vom bucura mpreun);

    Visare (dezvoltarea gndirii strategice i a voinei pentru reuit).

    CROS Camp is a 7 days camp which brings together leaders of student organizations from Bucharest, involved in communities of practices, developed by Centrul de Resurse pentru Organizaii Studeneti, with the aim of integrating the new generation of actively involved students in this lucrative medium.

    The event was attended by approximately 100 youth and professionals, who tend to be facilitators, either as a resource for learning young people.

    The atmosphere of the Camp takes you into a world where you learn to take responsibility for your own development and for your actions, you discover yourself, rediscover the game, intrinsic motivation and passion, you have the courage to dream and the reflex to give before asking.

    Each day of Camp is designed to experience an attitude that associative student environment promotes:

    Networking (open to cooperation and honest and authentic relationships);

    Learning (continuous search of personal and professional development);

    Game ( understanding the game as desire to experiment and always enjoy life);

    Sharing (to share thoughts, experiences, knowledge and practices in order to build together the better things that we enjoy together);

    Dreaming (development of strategic thinking and willingness/will for success).

  • 7La capitolul ce am nvat a trece:- felul n care incepi ceva te marcheaz cumva i te declaneaz n ceea ce vei face n legtura cu acel ceva;- atenia la detalii chiar face diferena i ne-ai artat asta;- emoia i cldura uman funcioneaz mereu ntre oameni, cel puin la mine. cred c ai reuit s artai ca s la noi, ca ntreg, poate fi i asta un motor;- ai demonstrat c fr organizare nu se poate face nimic i v felicit pentru asta;- partea de joculee/ primele provocri mi se pare c m-a luat din scurt i de aici dificultatea de a ne uni cumva ca s vorbim, plus reinerea unora de a vorbi, de a se implica, mai ales c erau deja acolo nite relaii consolidate. ns fr aceti oameni care tiau cum st treaba nou, celor noi, ne-ar fi fost nzecit mai dificil s facem fa,netiind cu ce se mnnc.

    Regarding what Ive learned Id note down:

    - the way that you start something somehow marks and triggers what will you do about that thing;

    - attention to details really makes the difference and weve shown that;

    - emotion and human warmth changes the relationships between us. I think that weve shown how a constructive relationship can determine and motivate.

    - you have shown that without organizing its impossible to create something, and I thank you for that;

    - the playing part (first challenges) I felt that were too sudden and we felt difficult to talk and relate, but at the same time we had to get over our fears and get involved in the game.

    Roxana Aron, Asociaia Studenilor Economiti din Romnia - ASER

  • 8Ediia a patra a taberei a avut ca tem creterea angajabilitii studenilor, fiind sprijinit financiar prin programul Tineret n Aciune, linia 5.1 Reuniuni ale tinerilor cu responsabilii de politici de tineret.

    Seminarul din cadrul taberei a adunat peste 80 de tineri implicai activ n organizaii studeneti i de tineret din Bucureti, mpreun cu ali 20 de profesioniti i experi n politici publice educaionale i de tineret, cu scopul de a facilita dialogul structurat i naterea de proiecte care s i ajute pe tinerii din Romnia i inst