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  • in 2012, provides daily VinShop best wines enjoyed, tasted and bought in most cities in Romania.

  • set and sip into the luxury of fine wine.With a history of fine wine making and collection under the name and style of Vinuri, vinuri romanesti Spumante, Magazin vinuri and much more to woo the wine lovers.

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  • structure of Romanian vineyards of great diversity, the wine industry the chance to produce a range of wines. According to experts, Romania can provide up to 402 different types of wine, of which 11 types for current consumption, table wines (VM), 42 kinds of superior wines (VS) and 349 types of wines with denomination of origin (DOC ).Vinuri romanestiMerlot Clasic Ceptura 2008Merlot Emeritus Ceptura 2008

  • rosuMerlot Menestrel Ceptura 2008Merlot Rapsod Ceptura 2008

  • SpumanteSparklingBendis 2011Spumant 2008

  • The term "wine" comes from the Germanic word "winam", borrowed in turn from the Latin "Vinum", meaning wine or grape-vine.VinuriWine

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  • good price is only half of our job - is very important to have quality products and services. Top brands and unbeatable prices: this is VinShop guarantee!Contact us and we will do our best to solve your request owned VinShop Ltd

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