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  • Solid Nutritional Formula

    Now with Mangosteen, plus 6 new botanicals!

    The superior nutrition of the Vemma Premium formula is available in two convenient options, each providing approximately a months supply:

    Two 946 ml bottles containing 16 servings each

    V2 Fridge Brick containing 30 single servings (59 ml each)

    Did you know? 4 red peppers to equal the amount of beta-carotene

    2 1/2 glasses of milk to equal the amount of vitamin D

    4 1/2 cups of green beans to equal the amount of vitamin K

    4 1/2 large potatoes to equal the amount of niacin

    3 3/4 cups of dried apricots to equal the amount of calcium

    5 cups of kale to equal the amount of magnesium

    5 slices of wholemeal bread to equal the amount of zinc

    7 1/2 glasses of grape juice to equal the amount of chromium

    2 glasses of sour cherry juice to equal the amount of tart cherry extract

    4 yellow onions to equal the amount of quercetin

    4 glasses of red wine to equal the amount of resveratrol

    All in one delicious, ready-to-drink 59 ml daily serving of Vemma Premium! 3443

    At Vemma, we know that

    supporting your well-being with

    good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle

    helps you meet the challenges of

    modern living with energy and vigor.

    And you know, the healthier you are,

    the younger you look and feel!

    Thats why we travelled the world to

    nd the purest and most powerful

    minerals and botanicals that work

    synergistically to give your body a

    power-boost of essential nutrients

    every day.

    The nutritional needs of modern Europeans are complex and changing. In spite of government eorts to promote healthy

    eating and minimum daily require-ments, most Europeans just

    arent getting sucient life-enhancing vitamins and

    minerals. Many European diets are low in key minerals like magnesium, which reduces fatigue and enhances muscle function, and zinc and selenium, which

    support the immune system. If you want to radiate energy and

    vitality, look and feel good while living life to the maximum, Vemma

    Premium is the liquid nutrition formula to help you do it! It provides a powerful and synergistic blend of the key vitamins, minerals, trace elements, electrolytes and botanicals that Europeans need to help support well-being and vitality. Vemma Premium incorporates some of the latest nutraceutical science available a formula you can depend on!

    Exclusive European Formula!

    The European Vemma formula incorporates some

    of the latest research in the eld of nutritional

    science the result of close collaboration

    between Dr Yibing Wangs team at Vemma

    USA and internationally acclaimed European

    scientist Robert Verkerk, PhD. Together, they

    developed Vemma Premium to ensure Europeans

    can obtain a 100% EU-compliant,

    high-bioavailability liquid

    nutrition program

    formulated to

    meet their daily


    An Evolution in Nutrition Did you know?Vemma Premium delivers a potent blend of botanicals, 13 vitamins, 7 key minerals, and 72 super-absorbable ionic trace and ultra-trace minerals, specically designed to meet the needs of 21st century Europeans. If youre looking for a great-tasting formula that contains the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants you need each day, look no further!

    Why you need Vemma Premium today!

    Vitamins and minerals! Why more Botanicals?

    Botanicals derived from fresh fruits and vegetables demonstrate powerful and lasting antioxidant protection. Thats why we combined potent antioxidants and nourishing botanicals in the Vemma Premium carefully balanced and formulated for maximum synergy. From the mangosteen fruit and the anthocyanin-rich whole, sour Montmorency cherry extract, to the resveratrol-containing grape skin extract and young broccoli sprout extract, rich in the sulforaphane that makes brassica vegetables so good for us the Vemma Premium deserves a closer look! Magnesium to reduce tiredness!

    Vemma Premium is a comprehensive daily nutritional formula designed to meet the needs of 21st century Europeans. It contains magnesium to help reduce tiredness and fatigue, essential vitamins and minerals, and potent botanicals all in one blockbuster blend! This unique ready-to-drink formula features:

    The Vemma formula is a blend of vitamins,

    essential minerals, mangosteen, green tea and

    aloe vera.

    Vemma Premium is a 100% EU-compliant, high-bioavailability liquid nutrition program

    formulated to meet the needs of modern Europeans!

    Synergistic botanical, vitamin, and mineral antioxidants

    Enhanced botanical formula including mangosteen fruit, sour cherry, broccoli sprout, resveratrol from grape skins, quercetin, as well as organically-certied aloe and green tea

    Highly bioavailable liquid formulation

    High magnesium content the mineral most Europeans are decient in

    13 vitamins and 7 key minerals, plus 72 ionic trace and ultra-trace minerals

    Inland sea salt-derived, ultra-trace elements and electrolytes

    100% compliant with EU regulations!

    What you get in one daily serving of Vemma Premium:

    Theres no substitute when it comes to fresh fruits and vegetables. But if your hectic lifestyle is keeping you from getting the recommended daily nutrients, Vemma is your added wellness insurance for lling in your diets nutritional gaps.