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1. Locuin a mea Eu sunt tefania i locuiesc n satul Gal a. Eu aici in Gal a stau mpreun cu familia mea .Eu am o cas cu etaj . Eu mai am o hint .M dau mai mult cu ea vara i pu in toamna. Eu am dou camere .In prima camer doar inv . Pe pere i este culoarea roz .Iar in a doua camer doar m culc. Pe pere i este culoarea alb. Eu am animale de plu . Si m joc cu ele intr-un loc unde a fost fostul magazin al prin ilor mei . i imi place s m joc cu ele. Eu mai am i animale adevrate :3cini ,2 pisici ,purcei, gini i iepuri .Mai am la ferm :5 cini,pisici, vi ei ,vaci,purcei,g te, ra e i 2 ponei. Acolo avem o balt. Prin ii mei au un magazin de:flori ,legume ,otrav i ingr mnt. Noi mai avem dou gradini .Una este cu flori i alta cu legume.Si o livad My house I live in the village of Gal a.I live here with my family .I have a house with one storey. I also have a swing .I play in it in the summer and autumn. I have two rooms. The first room is where I just learn. The walls are pink .And in the second room I just sleep.The walls are white. I have many soft toys, they are my pets .And I play with them in a place where was the former shop of my parents. And I like to play with them. 2. I have animals at home :3dogs,2cats,pigs and rabbits. I also have a farm:5 dogs ,cats, cattle, cows, piglets, geese ,ducks and 2 ponies. There we have a pool. My parents have a shop where they sell: flowers, vegetables, fertilizers. We have two gardens .One is with flowers and another with vegetables. And we also have an orchard. So this is my house. My photos 3. these are my favourite toys 4. my room 5. This is how I go upstairs. Welcome to my house! Nice to meet you! 6. This is how I go upstairs. Welcome to my house! Nice to meet you!