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Olga Danilova is one of the famous Russian cross country skier who competed from 1991 until 2002.

She was born June 10, 1970 in Bugulma, Tatar ASSR. Nowadays she lives in Alexandrov, Vladimir Region.

Olga Danilova is the Merited Master of Sport. Two-time Olympic champion, four- time World champion.

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• Olga Danilova joined the ski section in Altemevsk when she was 12. She studied at the sport school №11 since 1977 to 1985

• Her first coach was Radif Safin. He gave her a lot of knowledge in technique and tactics.

• In 1987 she started to train in the USSR youthful combined ski team. Alexander Grushin was her coach there.

• The Russian skier took part in different cross country skiing competitions since 1991 to 2002.

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Olympic Games Danilova won three medals at the 1998 Winter Olympics in

Nagano, with a gold in the 15 km classical and the 4 x 5 km, and a silver in the 5 km + 10 km combined pursuit.

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In 2002 she again participated in the cross country skiing events at the 2002 Winter Olympics.

Danilova won two medals with a gold in the 5 km + 5 km combined pursuit and a silver in the 10 km classical. However, she was one of three cross-country skiers (together with Johann Mühlegg and Larisa Lazutina) who was disqualified after blood tests.

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World Ski ChampionshipsDanilova won a total of eleven medals at the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships, including:

• four golds (4 x 5 km: 1995, 1997, 1999, 2001),

• four silvers (5 km: 1999, 10 km: 2001, 15 km: 2001, 30 km: 1999)

• Three bronzes (5 km + 10 km combined pursuit: 1995, 5 km: 1997, 5 km + 5 km combined pursuit: 2001).

• She also won the 30 km event at the Holmenkollen ski festival in 2000.

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• Nowadays Olga Danilova is a coach in Alexandrov. She trains young cross country skiers with great pleasure.

• New Year Eve there are sprint competitions in our town. The young athletes do all the best to get an Olga Danilova prize.

• Every year Olga Danilova, her husband and two sons run a classical marathon in Kirzhach (it’s not far from Alexandrov) on the 23-d of February.

• Olga Danilova has a sport club in our town.