Niko Finka, Secretariatul Technic Comun al Programului Transna›ional Sud Estul Europei - Date...

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Transcript of Niko Finka, Secretariatul Technic Comun al Programului Transna›ional Sud Estul Europei - Date...

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South East Europe Transnational Cooperation Programme

Transnational Cooperation in the Republic of Moldova

SEE Programme Area

EU Member States: Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania

Non-EU-member States: Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, (Croatia), former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Republic of Moldova, Ukraine

(Italy and Ukraine do not participate with their whole territory)

Priority AxesPriority Axis 1 - Facilitation of innovation and entrepreneurshipPriority Axis 2 - Protection and improvement of the environmentPriority Axis 3 - Improvement of the accessibilityPriority Axis 4 - Development of transnational synergies for sustainable growth areasPriority axis 5 - Technical assistance to support implementation and capacity buildingSEE Programme specificsUnique combination of countries involved / unique partnerships

EU Member StatesPre-accession countriesEuropean Neighborhood countries

SEE Programme specificsDifferent funding instruments:European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance (IPA)European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument (ENPI)

Ever increasing level of integration (ERDF, IPA and ENPI)

The achievements of SEE projectsStakeholders of the different countries have higher awareness on each others standards, procedures, requirementsSound partnerships and networks improved the planning capacity for a lot of regional / local public administrationsStudies have been carried out, data have been collected, agreements have been signed: these are all PUBLIC and AVAILABLENeighbouring approaches have been learned, to strengthen visibility and position where decisions are takenFinancial dataERDF contribution : 207,475,645.00 EUR

IPA contribution : 26,936,461.00 EUR

ENPI contribution: 2,000,000.00 EURPartners from the Republic of MoldovaInitial involvement through budget of ERDF partners / participation as non-financing partners no own budget

Involvement in 3rd and 4th call projects - enabled participation as financing partners through ENPI funds

Partners from the Republic of MoldovaFacts and figures:9 non financing partners + 3 observers7 financing partners from Republic of MoldovaTotal ENPI contribution awarded: 640,231.72 EURTotal budget of the ENPI project partners:711,368.58 EUR (+200,000.00 EUR TA)Participation in all the priority axesPartners from the Republic of MoldovaMethod of involvement of financing partners:

4th call

Additional call for partners from Republic of Moldova

Technical Assistance project

Lessons for beyondSEE Programme participation - SUCCESS story!

Further increase in the level of participation

Further integration of the partners from the Republic of Moldova

Beyond Danube Programme

Thank you !

Niko Finka, Financial