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Frontier Silicon in Timisoara Barry Jones 24 July 2013

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Frontier Silicon in TimisoaraBarry Jones

24 July 2013

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How did Frontier Silicon get to Timisoara ?







BulgariaCzech Rep.




• 4 years ago, we started a global search for a location to expand and extend our development capable to meet all our future product commitments

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Timisoara chosen from shortlist of five

• 3 months later, we visited 3 candidate countries

• 6 months after , we committed to Timisoara

• Inside 9 months, we opened our first office

Czech RepublicBrnoOstrava

Poland LodzLublin


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Phase 2 began July 2013

• Office launch 24 July 2013

• +3 months we launch our first product

• +6 months we will be 20 people

• +18 months we will be 50 people

What we said

19 engineers

49 engineers

What we Did

64 engineers

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• We evaluated 37 key factors in making a location decision.

• Key decision points

- relative strength of the embedded/App/Cloud SW development skills in Timisoara

- mindset of the engineers / their lack of fear

- ability to withstand competitive pressures of low cost economies in Asia and India

- command and control is easy, and engineers within EU can commute easily to / from UK

Why Timisoara?

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• We took a business needing to grow, working with emerging technologies

– #1 supplier in primary market (80% market share)

– exciting range of products - helping to make world a better place

• Committed to real product development in Timisoara

– Timisoara team will own development of key software projects for Frontier

– we invested in the team – tools, equipment and training

• We developed a ‘no excuses’ approach to executing our business

• We are making it happen in Timisoara, today

Why was Frontier Silicon a good fit for Timisoara?

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• Frontier Silicon’s product portfolio is expanding

- into Connected Audio and Internet of Things

- wireless healthcare (with Toumaz Healthcare)

• Opening development centre in Timisoara

- highly skilled workforce available

- create centre of excellence for SW development

- grow to ~50 people in 18 months

• Will build a team to exceed expectations

- develop a super culture which will make Frontier Silicon: ‘Made in Timisoara’ stand for the highest standards

Why are we here?

”Be the best we can be”


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• We built a world class team - the #1 SW development company in Timisoara

- recruited core of strong, knowledgeable and committed engineers

- partnered with the university

- Delivered interesting / challenging work

- Provided Innovative training and development approach to add value to the team

- competitive package of benefits and a engaging working environment – we built Timisoara super-culture

• Integrate Timisoara team into Frontier Silicon family

- engineers travelled between locations to learn how to work with UK and complete knowledge transfer

- Timisoara took up the mantle and became the core developemnt team.

- allow us to deliver effectively, but ultimately it will be ‘Made in Timisoara’

• Being #1 in Timisoara is step to being #1 in the world: benchmark the rest and be the best

Timisoara is Frontier Silicon’s key SW development resource

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Frontier Silicon TIMISOARA

• A partnership of equals City, Company,Team.

• A commitment to SW development excellence.

• A challenge to the engineers of Timisoara to make ”Made in Timisoara” a synonym for success.

• Real products for real people in everybodies home..