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Independent, expert financial advice, wherever you are

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Independent, expert financial advice, wherever you are

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Acuma is an independent financial consultancy that provides advisory services to international investors and

expatriates in the Middle East. Our knowledge of the local environment, along with our expertise in the field

of global financial consultancy enables us to offer tailored and trusted financial advice to all our clients.

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About Acuma


Our services include:

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If you are planning to retire abroad, you need to

give serious thought to how your pension will

provide you with the financial support and security

that you need.

As an expatriate living overseas, there are a number

of international investment possibilities that you

may want to consider. There are many beneficial

investments available to expatriate retirees that

could provide you with a supplementary income,

or even additional tax-free earnings.

International pensions can provide more benefits

than local pensions, such as greater tax efficiency.

Additionally, overseas pensions remain inheritance

tax-free and can be passed on to your beneficiaries

in whole in the event of your death.

Acuma recommends that you start planning your

retirement as soon as you can in order to make

sure that you and your family have the financial

coverage and support that you need in the future.

Retirement Planning


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A good education is one of the most cherished and

long-lasting gifts that you can give to your children

- and you will want to make sure that you give

yours the very best.

With education costs climbing every year, it is

important to acknowledge the price of a good

education, especially if there is more than one child

in your family. Therefore, it is more important than

ever to plan ahead and make sure that you have

enough funds to meet these costs.

Planning in advance can provide you with the

financial security and peace of mind, allowing

you to rest assured that your children will get the

quality education that you want for them.

Education Planning


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Acuma offers traditional and alternative investments across all major asset classes. We also provide wealth

management solutions to high-net-worth clients and family offices.

Since every client is different, we make sure that we utilise our individual sessions to assess your portfolio as

well as your medium to long-term financial goals and targets to come up with a wealth management plan

that is in line with your aims and expectations.

We offer a full range of services spanning investment solutions and wealth management and our expertise

ranges from traditional and alternative asset classes to active and passive investment strategies.

Acuma’s integrated client service teams allows us to provide a single point of access to our worldwide


Asset and Wealth Management


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Life insurance is an essential part of any well

thought out long-term financial plan, as it

provides you with the serenity that your family

and loved ones will be protected no matter what

circumstances come your way.

A major concern for most people in the event of a

premature death is whether their family will be able

to maintain their lifestyle. They want to make sure

that their children’s education will not suffer and

that any outstanding loans and debts will be paid.

However, the type of international life insurance

you need varies from case to case, and you need

to assess the level of insurance required in order

for your family to maintain the same standards of

living in the event of your death.

Acuma understands the complexities of finding an

international life insurance plan that is adapted to

your needs.

Life Insurance


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Acuma offers an innovative foreign exchange service which enables clients to trade all major world currencies

and make international payments in a fast, efficient and cost effective manner.

Our exchange rates on all major currencies are highly competitive, and we can guarantee the complete

security of your funds.

The key benefits of appointing Acuma as your main currency broker include free international payments,

forward contracts that enable you to fix your exchange rate for future transactions, a dedicated account

manager who can explain your options and help you obtain the best available exchange rates, free currency

specific market updates by email and proactive advice on hedging and risk management.

Acuma can also assist you in regular savings transactions, mortgage repayments and pension income,

amongst others.

Foreign exchange


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The interactive online fund platform gives clients

24 hour access to more than 5,000 investment

funds from a number of leading fund houses -

wherever they are in the world.

It has been designed to address the diverse

investment needs of our expatriate clients and

international investors who are constantly on the


Information available on the platform is provided

by Morningstar, one of the world’s leaders in

financial information. It enables clients to access a

variety of sophisticated tools, making it easier to

manage and track their investment funds on their

own terms.


Online fund platform

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Whether you’re looking for a gorgeous seaside

property where you can spend your time off as a

retired expat, or a canny property investor who’s

looking to make the most out of your portfolio

assets, property investment is one of the most

common and lucrative ways to invest your hard-

earned cash.

Our vast property portfolio boasts a diverse choice

of international properties that are ideal as a

second home or as a buy-to-let investment.

There are numerous benefits to investing in

property from portfolio diversification to inflation

hedging. However, if you decide to let your

property, it is likely that the money you receive

from your tenants will be enough to cover your

mortgage payments. Meaning that you can sit back

and watch your property grow in value without the

cost of a mortgage.

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